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You See Me When I Can't See Myself

Updated on January 26, 2010

 20 Years Later

It's strange to see on facebook what you think of me

You see laughs and smiles and so full of life

I was a good girl, a bad girl, and a devoted wife

You said that I was always laughing and had a big smile

What you didnt see what was hiding all the while

I was a tortured soul, with no family of my own

I was touched and beaten and left alone

I would makeup strange stories to hide all my pain

I would skip my classes to hide all my shame

I would move around quickly like a little hummingbird

I knew if I would stood still enough you would see my hurt

So that weird smiling girl that wore the short blue dress

Can enjoy your memories and put my sad ones to rest





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    • Avonmom profile image

      Avonmom 8 years ago from USA