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You Seem to Fade (Part Two)

Updated on August 13, 2015

You seem to fade
No matter what you state
You tell me to stay
When you know you don't want to make
The visions we both ache
You were the first to say the above
But it doesn't mean its love
Coming from your end
I know it is from mine
And it is to send
Truthiness in despair
Oh please don't wear
The unclear suit
That makes me confused
Keep aware
I loved you in a place called impossible
Lets meet up there someday
Maybe you will wait ,
I know i have
But watching you fade
Is something i cannot take
So let me state
Bare with me , wait
Its time to say
It is too late.


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    • profile image

      Ferraro 2 years ago

      it i$ too late to be up timothy what are you doing? reading poem$ like a BO$$!