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You Tell Me What It Means

Updated on November 12, 2012

Would you ignore a lie if you benefit
Or accept the truth if you must suffer?
Is there any difference to your shame
Or anything beyond the earth’s culture?
He wondered of every lie he swallowed
And every truth he declined to reveal
Never a moment of strength when it mattered
Only a fear of danger that he did conceal
Incomplete knowledge frustrates complete consciousness
Will beauty ever understand its fleeting promise
When her boredom of the search for meaning
Will die the moment her beauty fails her conscience?
The warnings of belief in matters of confusion emerge
Every detail is painted black in order to subjugate what we learn
The volume of the emotional din strips her of allure
For the mystery of her shallow nature is no longer my concern
Every foray into the completeness of his own state of mind
Is followed by the descent into the depths of her eyes
As pleasantries precede animalistic ritual
He listens closely for the sounds of tomorrows cries
Why does making love to a woman require so much?
There is nothing else that he can think of
Floating downstream upon waves of recessed emotion
Brings comfort only to those who can forget her love
What was expected of her when she gave what she knew?
The smiles were not for her but instead for his own fantasy
Why did she remain chaste when she was offered Italy and France
For when she finally said yes in his eyes she had lost all her beauty


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