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'Cause you are my Paper and my Pen

Updated on September 7, 2016

I’ll write again.

Of poems full of simile and romanticism,

Of stories full of hidden messages and surprising twists.

I’ll write again.

Of everything that I’ve seen,

Of every place I have been.

I’ll write about you and me.

Of rain kissing the sea,

Of flower feeding a bee,

Of wind embracing a tree,

And of chain holding a key.

I’ll write again.

Of how stars fell at night,

Of how dark welcomed the light,

Of how perfect the moment is when you are within my sight.

I’ll write again.

‘Cause you are my paper and my pen,

‘Cause you are my heart and my brain,

You are my happiness and my beautiful pain.

Writing is my passion. So I am giving you my paper and my pen. 'Cause you are my heart and my brain.


Where are you now?

I've written this poem in an area full of people walking afront of me while listening to same music repeatedly and, just thinking of her. Yes, her. I like her. I love her. I was able to write this because of her. She's my inspiration.

She's so beautiful. She's kind and lovely. I liked her and I loved her.


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    • Po-sigh-don profile image

      Xeirem Medina 2 years ago from Philippines

      I am open for any criticism guys. Thanks for reading my poem. :)