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My Intense Romance

Updated on February 18, 2013

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My Sexy Valentine

There's a love and an intesity between us

That nobody could possibly understand

it's a feeling that resides within us both

We've never known before, or will again

The instant that our eyes meet, the electricity inside

It flows from within my body

From my head straight down to my toes

And back again, you've got me

The butterflies in my tummy, fluttering away

They've never been so busy before

The tickles and tingles that touch my nerves

Just make my heart keep asking for more

This isn't a love like most others

Where the love and lust fade with time

We're connected to each other, deeply

I am yours, and you are mine

So take my hand, my sexy valentine

Let's keep this adventure going

I don't care where the road will take us

In fact I'd rather go, without ever knowing

Your touch leaves a fire inside my veins

That fuels me to love you more

I could not live a happy life without you

You're my rock, and I am yours

So one more thing before I go

The first Valentine's Day of yours and mine

Will be the most special in my life on earth

I love you my sexy valentine

5 stars for My Intense Romance


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    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 5 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Well you can say anything you want about me and my relationship. I wasn't asking for anyone's opinion on the subject in the first place. If, in a year or whenever, I feel like I'm not happy or in love, I will move from the relationship. I understand the "new romance" feelings, everybody has them. So, I understand that the beginning is just the "honeymoon" phase. I'm not saying "I won't let him go" because I'm controlling or expect anything but what nature and God intend, I'm just saying that I love him outside of the sex. Maybe you're right, maybe he'd leave me if I quit having sex with him, but I'd appreciate it if you'd refrain from insulting me and my intelligence. Maybe I have more growing to do, my life is in transition right now. But, I'm happy and I love God so that's all I need right now. Before I found God I was in an abusive marriage and had addiction problems, now I'm clean and I'm out of the abusive relationship because I gained the courage to leave. Anyways, have a good day. I respect your values and your opinion by the way.

    • profile image

      CJ Sledgehammer 5 years ago

      Dear JamieD:

      Just playing the devil's advocate here, so please bear with me while I challenge you "in the spirit".

      What would you say to someone who presented you with this argument and observation:

      "I wonder how understanding and wonderful your 'sexy valentine' would be if you ceased to fornicate with him? I mean, he is, after all, getting the milk for free, so why should he invest in you any further?

      When you think about it, your 'sexy valentine' has not had to weather life's tempestuous storms with you, so let us not get carried away thinking this guy is a saint. You have been feeding him "milk" (9 out of the past 11 months) since the very beginning of your relationship, so dollars to doughnuts...if you cut out the sex...he will cut out on you.

      Honestly, every couple who is riding high on Dopamine (the love drug) think they have something the world cannot understand. I've heard it 100 million times and then I've heard 99 of those 100 million retract their earlier statement after the "honeymoon" effect is over.

      It takes about two years for the Dopamine levels in a person's blood system to retreat back to baseline (what is normal for them). The euphoria is great, while it lasts, but it has a shelf life, therefore it is only temporary and then couples must face reality.

      I think the likelihood of the two of you rebounding on each other after terrible 15-year marriages is highly probable and if it weren't for lust and sex...what really do you have? No. really...what else do you have? Take away the sex, and the house of cards comes crashing down like all the rest.

      You have said you won't let this guy go, but I wonder if you are relying on sex to get what you want (at least you think you want him right now), instead of relying upon God's will through faith? I just don't see how one can claim to love God and be driven by carnal lust at the same time. This is not the sign of a "born again" believer."

      Can you find fault with any of this?

      In His service - C.J. Sledgehammer