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You aren't what you Write

Updated on June 2, 2017
 This is a picture from Shadows of the Sun a Movie.  He said you aren't what you write during it which inspired this post
This is a picture from Shadows of the Sun a Movie. He said you aren't what you write during it which inspired this post

You aren't what you write

Writing is limitless.writers will agree with this statement. This is because when a writer writes it comes to them naturally. whether they write as a past time or write for a living when they put pen to paper words just flow out onto the page without them even realizing it they have a knack for it. When they write the words When people write, how much of themselves do they put into their writing? A limitless amount of themselves usually because if they don't put their experiences in there writing it won't relate to people and writers always want their writing to relate to people so that they can connect with them. Can writers be consumed by it, and think they are what they write? Some people will answer yes and others will answer, no. It depends on the person and how you ask them the question. You aren’t what you write, because when you write you go into a completely different world. When someone writes, they write for the benefit of others isn’t that why someone writes in the first place? I know that some people will have different views but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Writing to some people is a job, and to others, it is a past time, but do you have to be what you write at all? That is the bigger question. When people write do they put themselves in the shoes of what they are writing about, or do they just write because it needs to be done, not actually thinking of putting themselves in the pieces?

You aren’t what you write, that is for sure because you are following your curiosity in one subject you are the observer, of something that is why you aren't what you write, and most of the time writing is fantasy. You are the observer of what you are writing but you can put your own life into the fantasy story that you are writing to make it relate to others better. Sure when you are writing a novel you are not the character you are writing about, but if you don’t relate your life to it, will it make sense? Sure you aren’t the characters you are writing about but the more you relate your writing to your own life, the more others will relate to it too. Most of the time though when people write, novels they think that they are the character, but that is not the case. Sure you can relate to the character, but isn’t writing a novel a fantasy? Most of the time people who write novels, with fictional characters are writing fantasy of what they hope and wish their life would be like.

So you aren’t what you write because, you are not writing a true story, and what you write about most of the time is how you wished something would be played out, and its the way you observe something, it might not be the way it actually is played out. Don’t put yourself, in the situation because you think it is going to come out the same way you write it. That is not how it works, most of the time when you write you are writing what you hope will happen, and I said that above. Writing is to tell a story about, something sure it might relate to you in some way but it isn’t you. A person can’t live in a fantasy world and expect to get somewhere. When you write you can make things happy, but does that always happen in real life? No, you can’t always be happy in real life, things come up that you weren’t expecting because that is just how life works. You aren't what you write even if you write a true story because you decide the way you live your life, not your writing.

You aren't what you write
You aren't what you write

Writing is something you do not what you are

So don’t think that you are the characters in your books or the person in your news story. You are just the author of your writing, so make it relatable, for people who are reading it, sure. Don’t put yourself in it completely, you can be completely consumed that way, and that is not the point if writing, you are not what you write, you are your one person, and have a life outside of writing, don’t you? I am not saying that you might not write a lot because you could, I am just saying that you can do other things besides writing as well. Sometimes when you go out and do other things, ideas will come to mind for something that you want to write later. So live your life, as you not as the people that you are writing about. That is not reality therefore what happens in your characters’ lives will not happen the same way in your life.

Writing is real but there is more to life than just writing, isn’t there? Yes, you have family and friends, so don’t forget about them, just because you are a writer. Live in the present, the here and now not just the past or future of your writing. You aren’t what you write, but your writing can be a reflection of some specific events happening in your life if you so choose. Don’t let your writing consume you because once you have writer's block you are going to be lost and not know what to do with yourself. Your life can’t be all about your writing because, after a while, the people that you talk too, don’t want to hear about it anymore. You are your own person, you don’t live in a fantasy land, so be your own person and see what happens. Writing is an amazing thing just be careful in the way that you do it so that you don’t become completely consumed by it. You aren’t what you write always remember that if you are a writer have you been completely consumed by what you have written? When you finally snap back into reality after you have been consumed by your writing what do you notice? You probably notice that you have neglected certain things, or people so always remember writing is great, but you aren’t what you write. You are your own person so don’t let the writing consume you, it can be a part of you but not all of you.

When you write anything it can be consuming so make sure that you are your own separate person from what you write. When you are your own separate person, things in your life are seen through your eyes and most of the time make you a happier person along with the people around you. But always remember you aren't what you write, you can put yourself into your writing but you don't turn into the person you write about you are still the person you were before you started writing a specific piece, even though the writing can be limitless.

writing is something you do not who you are
writing is something you do not who you are

Why are you not what you write

Writing is great but why are you not what you write? What do you think the answer to this question is?

You are not what you write why is that? Let's Discuss

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