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You Can Tell a Lot About a Person by How They Eat Fries

Updated on July 17, 2018
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Freelance creative writer, transcriber, editor, and foodie. I love sharing stories and meeting new folks through online communities,

What's your fry-eating personality type?

Being an Aspie, it's been a lifelong habit of mine to observe people in their natural habitat. These observations have led me to launch a theory about the personality of people based on how they eat fries.

You read that right! You can "read" a person by watching them eat fries.

It's just a theory of course, but based on my observations of people I know really well this personality list was just a fun way for me to judge the character and approachability of people. So, I challenge you to contemplate how you eat fries, observe your fry-eating friends, and you be the judge.

Single Fry Nibbler

As a Single Fry Nibbler you eat one fry at a time in little controlled bites.


  • are detail-oriented.
  • are discerning and careful - sometimes critical.
  • plan everything.
  • often worry.
  • have the tendency to be a control freak.
  • come off as being cold and calculated.
  • may show a front of being confident but are generally insecure.

You're afraid of getting into trouble or taking chances. You walk the straight and narrow and expect others to do the same. If you're critical it's because they are doing it wrong. Sometimes the weight of the world is on your shoulders and you work on the things you can control and worry about the things you can't. You always put up a strong, confident, put-together front but the public will never know what a mess you really are (until you have a breakdown).

Complimentary jobs for your personality:





"I went over the list three times and double-checked my work. I hope it's good enough."
"I went over the list three times and double-checked my work. I hope it's good enough."

Single Fry Stuffer

As a Single Fry Stuffer you stuff that fry in your mouth and eat enthusiastically.


  • are a bit of a prankster.
  • have the ability to focus but only when you need to.
  • are selective - desiring good food and company.
  • might take over a conversation.
  • have no problem being the center of attention.
  • come off as being friendly and fun.
  • are confident but a bit of a dreamer.

You're easy-come-easy-go attitude may appear nonchalant but you sincerely care and may be overly sensitive. You generally follow the rules but you've got a tiny wild streak that may cause you to short-sheet a friend's bed or switch the sugar for salt - but you won't intentionally break any laws because the thought of jail terrifies you. Definitely a dreamer you crave the better things in life. You would drop everything for a friend in need.

Complimentary jobs for your personality:

DJ / Emcee

Comedian / Actor / Singer

Lemming in a cube farm


"Interesting but I think...ooh!  Look at the pretty butterfly!"
"Interesting but I think...ooh! Look at the pretty butterfly!"

Couple of Fries Chatterbox

As a Couple of Fries Chatterbox you grab a few fries but tend to get sidetracked before you eat them.


  • are easygoing.
  • are easily distracted.
  • tend to talk with your hands.
  • are a good listener but you can hold your own in a conversation.
  • are relaxed and confident.
  • are never too serious.
  • may be the fair-weather friend.

Not always reliable - but you may have intentionally trained people to not call on you. It would impeded on your personal time and you've got stuff to do! You are friendly but easily bored. If you need a change you tend to change something: hair style or color, new tattoo or piercing. Maybe you just drop everything and head to the beach or amusement park.

Complimentary jobs for your personality:


Talk show host

Driver / Delivery person


Handful - Single Fry

As a Handful - Single Fry you grab a bunch of fries but only eat one at a time.


  • are easygoing and approachable.
  • are a multi-tasker.
  • love to stay busy.
  • have many pet projects.
  • tend to be happiest if you're working.
  • have the ability to focus in the midst of chaos.
  • are just as selective as your friends as you are your fries.

You tend to keep yourself busy with work, projects, family, or party planning. Many call you friend but you tend to have a lot of acquaintances and are selective of your friends. Not elitist in any way, you go for quality first before you'd ever settle.

Complimentary jobs for your personality:

Wedding planner

Host / Hostess


Law Enforcement

Handful - Big Bite

As a Handful - Big Bite you grab a bunch of fries and take a big, healthy bite.


  • are enthusiastic.
  • are generally fun to be around.
  • can be playful and fun.
  • tend to grab onto too many projects at once.
  • get easily overwhelmed.
  • make friends from all walks of life.
  • are trusting and sometimes gullible.

The type to jump before you look you grab at life, friends and fun without considering what kind of influence they may have on you in the long run. Far from calling everyone friend you are friendly to most but only keep a short list of good friends. Your happy-go-lucky demeanor could be a front so no one knows how you really feel. You hide a lot with those big bites, but it's nothing menacing. You just need to work on your self-esteem a little. You tend to take criticism hard but rebound after you've licked your wounds. Don't hold a grudge though! It will weigh you down.

Complimentary jobs for your personality:


Teacher / Aide



Handful - Mouth Full

As a Handful - Mouth Full you grab a bunch of fries and stuff whatever you can into your hole.


  • get drunk on life.
  • grab the bull by the horns and don't let go.
  • are definitely a multi-tasker - probably to the point of mania.
  • often take on much more than you can handle.
  • have many unfinished projects but would rather work on something new.
  • are easily bored.
  • tend to get side-tracked.

You grab at life just like you grab your food. You take and want more - forget about the consequences. You probably have an addictive personality or at the very least a bit of manic depression. You keep a high energy, fast paced life. Taking the time for self-reflection and relaxation are a waste of time when there is so much to do! You're ultimate goal is world domination.

Complimentary jobs for your personality:

Extreme Athlete

Small Business Owner


"I'll take over the world - as soon as I finish my fries."
"I'll take over the world - as soon as I finish my fries."

Utensils or No Fry Eater

As a Utensils or No Fry Eater you don't touch the greasy concoction.


  • walk to the beat of a different drummer.
  • are eccentric, weird or odd - and you like it.
  • generally distrust people.
  • are careful not to leave prints... I mean a paper trail.
  • often go off on your own.
  • are self-guided and independent.
  • enjoy just about anything as long as there's no people involved.

Kind of a loner by your own means you have a different perspective on life. People don't matter so much to you. You have laser perception and can be quite harsh in opinion or judgement. You tend to think outside the box - actually you LIVE outside the box and jeer the world lemmings. You would rather throw yourself off a bridge than work in a cube farm. You may seek world domination in a different way - enthusiastically pushing "the button." Ah, one can dream, right?

Complimentary jobs for your personality:

Anything computers: Programmer / Gamer / Designer

Doomsday Prepper

Contemporary Artist

Funeral Director

Fry Personality Quiz

What is your Fry Personality?

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