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You Have To Be Joking

Updated on December 17, 2015

No I Am Dead Serious

All across America people work for companies large and small

Our bosses set rules to copy

The owner or owners give them the guidelines

As an employee we do our job

Year after year giving our heart and soul

We don't need praise even though it would be nice

Raises are for new employees for a few years

Then they are stopped just like everyone else

We are expected to do more

There is a big turn over in hired help

Companies cutting back in hours and benefits

We are told to do as I say

Not to ask questions

Senority is a thing of the past

Be lucky you have a job

No one is held accountable

Favoritism is common

Unless you kiss up

You are invisible

Managers are there for the money

The greater profit they can return for the company

Bigger their bonuses

Is this the American way ?

You wonder why people are unhappy ?

Is work really just a game ?

It's not playing fair

If the company keeps changing the rules

I don't know what the answer is ?

There is a problem that is hush, hush

A secret kept behind closed doors

We are told to put on a happy face

Fake it

What example are we setting for our children ?

Employees are told when to go on break

Even though you are real busy

Coworkers need your help

When before as long as your job got done

You covered for each other

Experience and ideas are not needed

Well for those that deal with any of these problems

Let's say we all work for Big Al's

Who has been around for ninety nine years

A good place to work at one time

Now how can we make it good again ?

Without passing the buck

Turning to good advice instead of critism

We can all easily shoot our mouth off

Curse until we are blue in the face

That solves nothing

Tomorrow we will wake up more miserable than ever

Let's take the high road and see if we can fix Big Al's once again

So it can be different than the rest

Not a copy cat that hides


A real working model

That other companies can follow

Looking forward to one hundred years of service

Help me find many reasons to celebrate ?


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