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You have changed my life

Updated on October 29, 2012

It was the evening of September 5th 2012, i wasn't expecting you but you came, you did it alone and everyone was marveled,some called it Miracle and some called is Wonderful, both i called it because it moved me, moved me in a way words alone cannot describe.

Carrying you was filled with joy

My son-you are my life

You came around

And everything changed

Mummy told me to be wise

My son- you are my light

How time pass so quick

It is now seven weeks

And you have grown a lot

You have began responding to gestures

Chinedum you are my joy

Now you respond to sound

Now you respond to every touch

Now you cry louder than before

Believe me, now you eat so much

One tin of 400grams formula in 3days

Oh my Angel

The love i know

Is that love i cannot resist

You have changed my life

I never knew this joy

Until you came into my life

Chinedum you are my light

In you the world will see me

You changed my direction

You changed all my plans

You changed everything

You have changed my life

If being a Dad is a sin

Then let me be a convict

I love you my dear son

You are a star from above

The luck you carry with you

That luck will perfect my life

You changed my whole schedule

It is now you before anything else

How you have grown with time

The changes i now see in you

You have taught me things i do not know

Chinedum Daniel Mobis

I will love you till the end of time

You are the real meaning of me

My dear son, the pillar of my existence

God will provide all i need to care for you


Bond with them

A wish attain


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    • sweethearts2 profile image

      sweethearts2 5 years ago from Northwest Indiana

      The things that change with children are amazing and beautiful. Beautiful expression of joy in becoming a parent.