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You should have left me alone!

Updated on September 24, 2012



Skip that...



Yes ..right there.

What do you mean by that?


Why are you so quiet now?

Say boo to goose

Get out of your cocoon

Say something:


make no sense:

poppycock, balderdash,bull and cock story

I don t give a damn fig,

I am all listening.

Shew my ears off

Don`t keep it there

as if it was a skeleton in the cupboard

or as an ace up your sleeves.

Get you nerve up

and shout up it to my face

I am not a ghoulish whore

the cheap,the mean,the fat less

The one who will twist you,

taint you,

rip down your walls.

``I Love You``

How come?

We' ve just met!

do you mean it?

Are you serious?

Maybe,you are just rushing things

and not ready yet to go through fire and water

to make me happy

and to slay a dragon to get me a flower

when I am bedridden.

``I Love You``

Our bond is so fragile like a spider s web

any wind will tear it and make a deep burning hole in our souls.

Let s keep a hedge,

a neutral territory ,a vast space between us,

``I Love You``

You said it before to others,

but with me,it won t work.

I am an old fart

Try an other trick,

something off the beaten track,

something I ve never thought it could be,

or heard that a man said to woman.

Don t insult my intelligence

or test my patience

I know all the steps,all the roads,all the maps that you could rely on

to get my body

Please ,shut up

I am not that piece of meat on the display in the Red Light District

or a warm bed where you can practice your eccentrics

Wake up and smell a coffee,

The sun is up.

``I Love You``

Oh,My God,you are so persistent

Why can t you just be off

and leave me alone ?

``I Love You``

I Hate You ,

I am boiling with anger,

on the verge to erupt like a volcano,

Take precautions ,if not evacuate the spot

and never ever thought of crossing or standing

as a stumbling block in my path.Death

is the only thing that peverts reap when they piss me off.

``I Love You``

Bang bang

I warned you,

you should have left me alone! .


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