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Your Angel (Poem)

Updated on June 3, 2016

Your Angel

Your angel
Your angel | Source

That´s me

On the darkest hour of a cloudy night, a little voice sings a little song so filled with hope in your ear. Can you heart it? That´s my ethereal presence, trying to remind you that not all hope is lost, darling. There´s still a lot of wonderful things to feel. Your destiny is not living among shadows

Hear it...

Don´t you know?

You can´t see me,

But I am your angel.

You can feel me, watching over you.

Can you feel my sweet heartbeat?

My soul is trying to sing you a sweet lullaby.

Can you hear it, dear?

It is whispering your name.

Why did you let them destroy you?

I thought you were more than determined to fight for that dream.

Please, young man!

Don´t tell me lies.

I can see that darkness is devouring you.

Don´t try to hide it.

But don’t worry so much about it.

I am here for you.

Every inch of my soul

Wants to erase that pain

From your tired body.

Don´t you know?

I am your angel, my dear.

And to fulfill my task as such,

I need to heal you.

I don’t really know

If my words of love

Can really help you out.

But I´m doing my best.

Can you feel it?


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