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Your Excuse Can Become Your Boss's Excuse

Updated on November 15, 2012
File With Excuses Word
File With Excuses Word | Source

A Thought About Hubs with Pictures

 You know how excellent highly rated hubs have pictures, videos, and other visual stimulations to entertain the visitors. I used to (until now) search for pictures on Google whenever I write a hub, to fit in the group of the power hubbers. But there are too many complicated things related to adding pictures to hubs. First of all, I don't have an artistic sense. I am the one who spends more money on clothes and hear that I don't have a sense for fashion. I am the one who don't use pillow covers because I can't match the cover with my blankets. And second, the copyrights. I know that there are many images floating around the world wide web that don't have any copyrights, but I don't want to take the guess work. And yes, I am the one who drives 55 mph if the speed limit is 55 mph. And no, I am not retired. I want to thank you if you read far into my hub which looks terribly like a page of a book. Who reads books (on paper) these days right? And no, this paragraph doesn't have to do with anything I wanted to say with this hub.

Man Taking Bagel
Man Taking Bagel | Source
Bagel With Salmon
Bagel With Salmon | Source
female Baker With Oven
female Baker With Oven | Source
Chef Holding Baguette
Chef Holding Baguette | Source
Woman Holding Baguette
Woman Holding Baguette | Source
Freshly Made Baguette
Freshly Made Baguette | Source

Your Excuse Can Become Your Boss's Excuse

I bake bagels at a bagel shop. I am the first one to get to the shop at three or four in the morning everyday and bake bagels to sell that day. And when I work alone for two to three hours, I gotta find ways to entertain myself while working. But I got tired of listening to the hip hip station, the classical music station, the Christian music station, the 70s and 80s music station, and so on. And yea, let me tell you why I started to listen to the classical music station while I bake bagels. I don't listen to classical music regularly (although I tried my best when I had a pianist girlfriend who left me because at first she thought I was gonna be a doctor but I decided to be a writer). Anyways, you know how if you play the classical music for plants they grow better? And I learned in my college biology class, which I failed once and got a B the next time around, that yeast is alive. Bagels have yeast in them, so you can technically say that bagels are alive, too. So I thought if I play classical music for them while I bake them they may come out great. So I turned on the classical music station while I baked bagels. But instead of making the bagels better, the classical music got me infatuated and when you are so into classical music you feel like you are a maestro and walk around with your eyes closed and your arms swinging in the air. So I did that for a while and forgot about the bagels in the oven and let them burn, and I had to worry that the boss might take them off my paycheck the next payday. But classical music is awesome. Maybe it was because the ovens were closed and the bagels couldn't hear it.

So, other than listening to radio stations and talking to the live bagels, I think while I work. And you know how if you do one thing for awhile, you get better at it, and you do it more and more? Thinking became like that for me, so here is what I thought while baking bagels today.

While I was watching the last couple of dozens in the oven, the boss came to work. I usually say "Good morning" and ignore him until I say "Good Bye" when I get off work, so I did that. And about 10 minutes later, the cashier came to work little past 6 am. In the bagel shop, next to the time cards, there is a big sign saying: "IF YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO WORK AT 6 AM, YOU MUST COME TO WORK AT 5:45." What a nice greeting to start off your working day. So after marking the time card, the cashier says "Good morning." The boss says "Good morning" back, and says "You're late!" humorously with a smile on his face. But you don't know what's in that stingy old man's head when he says such a thing. I guess the cashier felt the same way, too, so he starts to explain why he is late. I hear something about a hospital while I pile up the bagels on the display rack. The cashier asks if the boss knows about the hospital and how he didn't know that it was there. The cashier has a map and he can show it to the boss if he wants to know where it is. It was a Christmas Eve today and I am a Christian so I want to think nice about everybody and I am not supposed to misuse the name of the LORD my God, but OMG. What kind of excuse is that. I'd rather skip work and say my aunt Betty was shot while walking Downtown Baltimore than give such an excuse like that. Maybe I am being little too sensitive about his thoughtless excuse, but you know how you get arrogant and not tolerant about something you are good at? Well, I am good at thinking. So I thought little more, and I thought that if you have an excuse for being late, later it may become the boss's excuse for firing you. I'm just thinking...


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