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Your Font Type Can Make Writing Interesting Or Boring

Updated on December 26, 2013

The font type you use on your computer is like your preferred handwriting. The kind of font that you use in writing can affect your writing style. The writing process could be interesting or boring based on the font type you use. Consequently, the font type you use in writing your ideas can make you experience a writer’s block or make you very productive in churning out more ideas.

You can make your writing more interesting by using a particular font for your different topics. The visual symbols or words constituting a piece of writing are the reflections of the writer’s feelings and thoughts. The kind of font he or she used could serve as the image of the idea itself.

Sometimes attending to old draft could be boring. The boredom that sometimes arise when attending to old drafts could arise from the kind of font of your drafts. One of the ways to overcome a writer’s block or make attending to old drafts interesting is to change the font type to suit your current mood or to reflect the status of the draft in the writing process. This should encourage you to write just by seeing the content.

Advantages of Using a particular font for you writing

Difference in text or a particular txt used in each stage of writing can give some effect or more understanding to the content ideas. It forms part of the image of the article as mentioned earlier. Using a particular font for your writing can also make your drafts interesting enough to edit by the author. It makes content interesting to read (for both reader and author). One of the ways to make old ideas or drafts interesting enough for publishing is to consider changing your text.

Font type can Make you churn out more ideas.

The text or font type you use in drafting your ideas on the computer can add effect to the content. It has a psychological effect on both the writer and the readers. It can enable the writer to deduce more ideas as well as enable reading ease for target readers. In simple words, the font type can improve your writing by letting you escape the writer’s block. Your most preferred font type can prime your mind or provoke your thoughts more than other font.

Font type can improve reading ease

The chosen font for your published works can help or aid your reader in understanding your ideas. The font that you use for your ideas creates a mental image for the readers. It helps to give an impression to the reader. It tells the reader what the content idea is likely to be about. Font type adds to the effect and impression of ideas being described. They give the article a character. Font type can also reflect the writer’s view on the topic or idea. It could connect directly to the

You can also make your writing more interesting by using different fonts at different stages in your writing process. This would reflect your progress in writing and give you the confidence in your own ideas as well as the confidence to publish them. I normally start or draft my ideas with Sergio Print. After drafting my ideas with Sergio Print- that is the first stage in my writing process- I go on to edit the spelling and grammar of my drafts and remove all possible distractions from the content. After completing this second stage of the writing process, I change the font to Century Gothic. This makes my writing interesting because any of my written ideas in Century gothic I readily know that it has passed the stages of spelling and grammar checking. Moreover any of my drafts in the Sergio Print font, I readily know the spelling and grammar needs to be checked.

I prefer Sergio print for the initial stage of my writing because personally the font style imitates something that is incomplete or is in the making. I use it to represent my tentative ideas that needs much more development.

Put into consideration the font type when choosing a writing software

Some writing softwares such as MS Word, notepad etc. offer a variety of fonts you can choose from. Others have just one particular font. When choosing a software to write your articles, one of the thing you should consider in choosing the software is the type of font.

You should also put into consideration the some features in the software such as the background or page color. Are there lines on the page? If you are using MS word to write, you can always change the page color to your preference. Try to use a color that gives more effect and meaning to your topic and that which will provoke your thought and help you to generate more related ideas to your topics.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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