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Real Love.

Updated on April 30, 2017

The difference between your love to me and my love to you, Is that I loved you when I was sure that you don't love me ... I loved you with no hope that you will love me. I loved you when there were many other than you and some of them were better than you ... I loved you when I was satisfied in my life and there was no need for you.

You decided that you will love me only when no one else was here for you ... you loved me when you was sure that no one else loves you ... you loved me when you was in very bad need for me ... when I said that I don't love you anymore then you decided that you will stop and will not love me anymore.

My love to you was a real love and your love to me was just a sweet cover for your need.

For years I was happy with my pain ... Your love was a sweet pain inside my heart ... and when you decided to love me, I was so happy ... with time when I recognized that you never felt my love and you are just in bad need to love ... you need someone, anyone loves you ... if it is not me, then anyone else ... This means you just love yourself and you need someone to complete the circle.

Now, I have to go ... I feel nothing for you ... I learned to love myself ... I love the love.


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