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Your Praise

Updated on July 27, 2017

Sited on the throne of grace

The father that blesses every race

He watches them all, just as a shepherd watches his flock

His plan for us are of good and not of evil, so is his time not on our clock

I will sing a new song unto you

You make things happen as at when due

Just cease the drops of the rain for a year and we are ruined

But, no! You won’t do that. Just ‘cos of your unending love and mercy to us-the depressed

Hold not thy peace, hold not thy peace, o God

If this happens, I am gone, I am bored

But I know that your eyes are ever watching

To prevent affliction from coming upon the few of us worshiping-

Yes, we worship you for you are beautiful and lovely and your mercies endure our sins

For you are great and marvelous, and we know that: against us, you do not hold a thing.

© 2017 Sonde Oluyemi


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