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Your Sweet Love

Updated on March 5, 2010

Your Secret Hiding Place

You Sweeten My Life

As a child you ran across the room with your blanket tucked in behind.

Oh the things that you created then, within your little mind.

You pretended to be, as you'd tell me "I'm a kitty, and that's my tail".

With that you'd go on your way, your blanket on your trail.

You sweeten my life with aesthetic display.

The drawings you create all blow me away,

As you interpret, in vision through your eyes each day.

A love for all things you carefully convey.

In my room hangs a picture you drew,

You may not know, but to me it represents you.

It hangs on my wall, so pleasing to admire,

Every evening before I retire.

The times we discuss are precious as you express,

The passion I interpret, as you attest.

I believe in you, as you live your life so complete,

Someday you'll see too, as your children love you, just as sweet.


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