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Your World View Shapes Your Perception

Updated on June 4, 2018
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Jack is a volunteer at the CCNY Archives. Before retiring, he worked at IBM for over 28 years. As of 2/2020, Jack has over 100,000 views.


Depending on your world view, your perception of world events and politics can be completely different and even opposite. That explains why the country is so divided in 2018.

- May 2018


There are numerous world views. Some of the major ones are Buddhism, Judaism, Islamism Christian and Secular progressive. I consider these to be major ones mainly due to their population and influence on current events.

Let me summary each.

Buddhism world view is that life on earth is part of a cycle. People are born, they die and they reincarnate into another form and this cycle repeats many times until you reach a state of nirvana or eternal bliss. They value all life including animals. Hence many are vegetarians by choice. They also believe in a peace and harmony with their neighbors and surroundings. They prefer meditation over war and conflict.

Judaism is one part of the Religion that believe in the One God or monotheism. The other two being Christianity and Islam. They all worship the same God but call it by different names- Jesus, Messiah or Allah. Judiasm in terms of population is the smallest yet it is the most influential down through our history. They believe they are the chosen people and that the 12 tribes will be reunited when the Messiah returns.

Islam is followers of Mohammad. They believe in a caliphate and Sharia law. Their goal is to rule over the earth and spread their believes and impose them on all even by force if necessary. The believe in the same One God and the return of the God in final judgement.

Christianity is followers of Jesus. They believe in the Trinity and the God of Father, Son and Holy Spirit as One. They also believe the Bible as the Word of God and that the end will arrive when Jesus return in the final battle between good and evil. Christianity has grown to be the largest group though they have many sects that ranges from fundamentalist to reformist and Catholicism.

Finally, the secular progressive is a group that is growing in popularity and they are atheists. They in fact believe religion is the cause of many conflicts and they are anti religion. They believe religion is a myth that was invented by man to suppress other men and rule over them.

Depending which is your world view as stated above, you will see the world through a different lens.

Some Examples...

Gay marriage is one issues that is front and center that demonstrate how the various groups approach this topic.

For the majority of human history, over a few thousand years, marriage was always understood to be between a man and a women. There were times where polygamy was accepted but it was mostly due to economics that dictated how these relationships were formed. The primary reason for marriage is for procreation. It was well understood that families were formed and requires two people, one male and one female, to reproduce and have children and that a stable environment of a family was the best vehicle to nurture the child into adulthood.

A person with a Christian world view will want to continue this long established family structure. It is compatible with the scriptures and with God’s will.

Not that they would discriminate against gays, but they just don’t think gays should marry. There are civil unions that can serve just as wellto protect their rights as gay couples.

On the other hand, if you are a secular progressive, you are a champion for gay rights. You don’t believe there is a God and you certainly don’t abide by anything the scriptures have to say. Your believe is that man is in control of his own destiny. We as humans progress over time and evolve and become a more open and inclusive society. They use slavery as an example of how progress is made and discrimination due to race and sexual orientation are just another stepping stone towards an utopian society. The best vehicle of this is through Statism. That is the State, has the power to enact laws and enforce them on the public and the common good surpasses individual freedom or choice. They also believe morality is not absolute. What feels good is acceptible behavior as long as no one is harmed. There is no heaven or hell and no final judgement. When you die, it is over.

When it comes to gay marriage, if two consenting adult wants to marry, it is their human right and no one, or the state or the church can stop them.

As you can see, depending on one’s world view, the same issue can be perceived in vastly different ways.

Here is the wrinkle. What about marrying your brother or sister? If two adults are allowed to marry, why not brother to brother and sister to sister? and father to daughter and mother to son? The Oedipus complex.

Incest is a well known taboo going back thousands of years. This is a tradition based on science and genetics even though at the early times, it was not well understood. All that is known is that when humans interbreed, it leads to defective traits. Our laws have included incest as a crime because it is contrary to our species survival, in addition to the religious objections. This is not just a Judeo Christian concept but all religion practice it. It is one of those universal laws of nature.

Taking this one step further, what if someone down the road wants to marry their pet or their robot? With Artificial intelligence making great strides, it may be soon when a robot can have feelings and become ones companion or helper. Would secular progressives make the same argument that if it feels good and no one is harmed, why not allow it?

When it comes to moral behavior, who decides if their are no higher authority?

Another Example

The United Nations and a future World Order.

In the Christian view, a world order is a bad thing. It is a Statism of the highest order. Every soverign nation must bow to this super state. It removes the individual as the main focus but replace it with collectivism. Big brother is watching. It is also an affront to our Constitution which is the foundation of our liberty and God given rights.

The secular progressive supports the UN and the EU and the World Court... They want to see the end of Nationalism. They are bucking against nature. It is natural for groups of similar cultures and backgrounds to band together and form a nation. Their goal is eventually to remove all nations and borders. Their believe is that all human beings should be treated equally and any nationalism or religious affiliation will divide us and are the sources of past conflicts and wars. By eliiminating these differences and enacting a one World Order, we will have little to fight over.

These very different perspectives on a world organization that is the UN, demonstrate how perception and reality can be so divergent. The UN was formed with good intentions after WWII. It was suppose to end all wars. Yet, it has failed miserably. It has been ham-stringed by the very structure it was setup. Often lead to inaction or gridlock on worldly concerns. The Iran nuclear crisis and the North Korean missiles and the Arab Israeli conflict are just a few glaring examples.

The secular progressives are convinced that the UN is our best hope for world peace. The problems and deficiencies can be fixed. It just takes patience and money and good will...

A Christian world view is just the opposite. The UN is a corrupt organization. It is the source of many abuses worldwide. They have not prevented wars or atrocities inflicted on innocent people by tyrants. They have spent vast funds with little to show for it. It is not a shining example of democracy but in fact is an empty suit.

Some Opposing Views

Evolution vs. Creation

Pro choice vs. Pro life

Gay marriage vs. civil union

Statism vs. Constitution and Federalism

Human caused Climate change vs. Nature

Open border immigration vs. legal immigration

One World Order vs. Nationalism


In this essay, I try to engage clear thinking people on an intellectural level and not based on emotions. It seems extreme when we are willing to forego thousands of year of history and tradition and natural law, so that two gay persons can have their way. They are not satisfied with civil unions which give them all the legal rights as husband and wife. They want to change the definition of marriage and thus bring into question what is morality and who is to decide?

What about the children? What are they to think? Isn’t growing up in a modern society complex enough? Why do we want to complicate them or confuse them at such early ages? The two sexes are one of the clear distinctions from our birth. Why ask childrens to be exposed to complex human interactions at an early age?

How do you explain two mommy and two daddy to a 4 year old?

© 2018 Jack Lee


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