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Your family constitution- A Book Review

Updated on September 15, 2009

Your Family Constitution- A modern approach to Family Values and Household Structure by Scot Gale.

What is a family constitution?

In simple terms it is an written agreement among family members stating family goals and missions and how each one is able to play their part to achieve the common goal.

In Scott's book he outlines a 5 step approach to developing the family constitution.

  1. Introspection
  2. Vision
  3. Observation
  4. Prioritization

  5. Structure.

Living in the 21st century we are very easily sidetracked by the attraction of material wants and personal satisfaction to spend enough attention and focus on the family.

Our personal values may not be in the best interest of or family and could be the source of conflict in our relationships with one another.

In the book Scott talked about his Black Sunday whereby everything when haywire for him after getting into a huge argument with his wife. While walking all the way back home from the beach it gave him the time needed to think about where his family was heading and how best to remedy this breakdown in communication.

Even though my kids are still preschoolers I feel that it is necessary to introduce them to our family values and traditions.

" Start from young if you want to teach your kids right".

Kids learn best when they are given guidelines and boundaries. With a set of rules and guidelines coupled with rewards and treats we can slowly shape them into well mannered individuals who at the same time are matured enough to make and stand by their own judgements.

Having a reward chart works wonder in motivating young kids.why not parents too? I put up my reward chart next to my kid's chart so that he is able to see that I too am working hard to reach my desired reward. I also take the opportunity to model the behaviours that I hope to see cultivated in them.

Reading Your Family Constitution has given me a better understanding on what I would like to inculcate in the upbringing of my kids. It has sparked off lots of ideas on how I can revise our family motto and vision and incorporate the kids suggestions into making our own family constitution


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