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Your freedom is incomplete without others'

Updated on July 10, 2014

“A true leash only chains your mind, but let the spirits soar. It does not tie you down to stop thinking how to achieve the final freedom. It tells us that our freedom is attached to those who live around and what efforts we make to help them get theirs”.

The kid was holding a leash in his hands. He was looking like an instructor with circle-shaped giant sinking hole swallowing the size of ground it was falling upon. The other end of the leash, the round shape, gives us an impression of the message ‘what goes around, comes around’.
The dog walked and stood next to him. He took the leash and started rolling it over his neck.
Both were walking together. The boy heard mother calling his name.

She was laying down the table for him.
He looked at the food once and wanted to ask how someone would have got the idea of making the dish when they were in the primitive age struggling to survive. They could have ran and lived somewhere away from our knowledge and we would have never learnt how to cook boring food.
He ate it thinking about people who spend their time finding the right recipe than finding the right taste.
He said: It does not taste exciting.
The mother was standing in the corner. It appeared to him that she creates this glass door where they can see everything but cannot hear.

He goes to hobby classes in the evening. It is another thing he does not like doing.
He is left with no time after coming back from the class. This is probably why he dislikes it. He listens to the music before going to sleep. These are the songs mostly talking about disappointment.

The dog is also there.
He takes the dog in his arms.
He takes the dog collar and puts it under the bed.

He must have taken it out knowing how hard it is to live the one.


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