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Being fainted in your love.

Updated on April 29, 2015

You are so beautiful,

beyond the beauty,

of the angel,

your love,

having more power,

than that of oldest wine.

I often afraid of,

doing any mistake.

Your eyes,

so deep and blue,

the weather,

seems so nice like you,


it seems that all the world

being fainted,

in the scattered rays,

of your beauty,

Now I am afraid of doing any mistake.

Your and mine,

when both of our eye-sights

meet together,

it seems the tsunami of feelings,

becomes uncomfortable,

and the sea shore,

roaring with unbearable thirst.

All things of the world,

preventing me,

saying that keep distance,

don't try,

to come close to you,

but what can I do ?

How can I stop my feelings ?

Your love attracting me so hard,

I am burning,

the inner fire,

burns my feelings,

atmosphere appears to be,

a burning world,

when your love becomes,

even a distance,

of our breathing.


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