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Your slime...

Updated on April 13, 2012

A different kind... Of animal, Hannibal lector protector. Hide you, hide your bombs under shelter, helter skelter swelter. Heat deceit sweep it under the rug neat. And tidy mighty disguise right before our very eyes. While people continue to die... Do you know why??? I'm not sure either so lets try.

Something new on paragraph 2, look and take a view... you know it's true. More than a few have seen this too, Boo!!! to war... no more, this is our chore. Our mess pushed on the rest, quick grab your vest. Out dated Armour being put to the test, by our children just leaving the nest... Breath take a rest.

No dollar spared for the fear we shared, better grab your supplies and be prepared. A constant consonant across the continent, speakers peak squeaks, tears leak. Information around the formation, turn it up this is a good station... Punk metal hard core starts @ one one 4. Uranium stadium archaic cranium, deformed and malformed is not the norm... Listen up worm this stuff is doing real harm, bee informed and sound the alarms!!!

Jiggle and wiggle that hook... Write a book and not one to cook, cookie monster take it from here. Blue guy fur fly... Head-bang dang... rock that road bro it's time to go. Sesame street seeds down below, pushing up Oscar out of his can, what the heck man??? Grow the plant that's the plan... Feed yourself and fellow man, Understand??? No need to bee a grouch... Damn!!!

One more is four...


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