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You're Not Here

Updated on October 26, 2009

I open my eyes slowly

I hope it was all a dream

I turn my head

You're not here

It's been more than six months now

Still I don't quite believe you're gone

Each morning I wake

I go about my day


Put my best face forward

Smile and they will like me

Don't let them know how I miss you

Hide how much it hurts

I can't even let it out alone

In my house

I go home at night

Dinner for one


Too quiet

Turn on the T.V.

Pretend I don't notice I am alone

T.V. till all hours

The clock

It's 3am

Time to get to bed

Can't have tired eyes tomorrow

Can't look sad

Turn back the sheets

The bed is cold


I miss you

You should be here

No tears

I won't let you hurt me

I can't

I won't, I WON'T

I have

I do


I don't cry

I'm strong

They don't know

You don't know

You're not here

You're still not here


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