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Youth living in hope

Updated on May 23, 2012

The youth are living in hope

We will have bluebirds on our shoulders in their nests

we will share the love that falls straight from our chests

and remember the times we lived at our best

and forget the rest of the world that tries to defeat our youth

We will sing songs to the moon and dance under the stars

taste a bit of the rainbow and chase some cars

Kiss some boys and love some others

cherish our families and fight with our brothers

We will lay awake till the sun just rises

and enjoy lifes many suprises

we will laugh till it hurts and wear our favourite ruined shoes

because we won't care we'll be drunk from 'booze'

Were half awake in a world we will cease to belong in

we are temporary tenants living in sin

it being not living to our fullest and making our days worth while

not concentrating on faking smiles

stop wondering what the world wants from us at every disaster

and chase after all of our dreams faster

lets make it matter and make count

look back on our last days and recount

what terribly young silly people we were and take note

that our lives were lived perpetually in hope


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    • dialogue profile image

      dialogue 5 years ago

      Again a cute hub, add some pics i will look more beautiful.