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Youth by R.Kane

Updated on July 14, 2012

He slouches with affected attitude;

a teenage gansta wannabe,

is this fashion or fact?

Clutching the waistband of voluminous pants

striving mightily for the ground,

Boxers proudly displayed for our perusal.

No matter how much middle age spread,

he’ll still be able To don those pants

and exclaim, “look, they still fit”.

Tales of misogyny, violence and materialism

squeaks from his not so personal headsets,

it seems no one sings anymore.

Quick draw on his cell phone

oblivious to what bystanders may hear,

guess I’m an unwilling eavesdropper.

Gold teeth and encrusting bling bling

must be oh so of the moment.

But that sure don’t mean it’s attractive!

Is that meanness he projects real,

or just a studied part of his style?

God I hope this fashion passes.

©2006 R.Kane

AKA Richard Kane


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