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You've Got Male

Updated on July 9, 2009

The book "You've Got Male" takes you through the adventures of Lonnie Jo, a forty something, chubby woman looking for love on the Internet. Lonnie Jo, has always compromised herself to fit the personalities of the men that she dated. In this book, she discusses how she is used and allows herself to have this happen. She has mindless sex with men, in hopes that they will find something they like about her, but the truth is, she doesn't like herself; therefore, a successful relationship is doomed from the beginning.

There is poetry throughout the book, discussing her feelings about the various relationships she has had in her life. Her high school boyfriend, of whom she had great difficulty letting go of, her college boyfriend; a snake that slept with anything that wore a skirt and a long lasting relationship she had in her 40's that was ended by him (of course) and how she lamented over this loss, even though she realized that he was not the best thing for her.

She meets a stalker and even allows a relationship to grow between the two of them, even though she is not attracted to him in the least. She is propositioned by men on the net and is amazed through it all how so many men could care less about her as a person. Lonnie is an unhappy woman that is desperate for love, but she can't see that self love is so important and must come first before she can share love with another person.

This book ends with her finding a man that adores her for who she is. He is a man that works outdoors and she loves him with a passion. One can only hope that this character has finally found true love.

If you are a person that has tinkered with Internet dating, this book is an eye-opener. It is sad, poignant and honestly written.


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