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Yuki-Hime:Where Life is Devoured and Created

Updated on August 9, 2013

This piece "borrows" several themes from the anime Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun. I would like to give credit to the real authors. Although the story differs, th

Everything was dead, silent, cold, dreadful, and abnormally still. He could not perceive any sign of life from a formerly grand and active city of Stalingrad. There were no birds, no people humming, singing or drinking vodka; they were all gone now.

Those who had the luxury to evacuate had already left their homes, packed their most valuable belongings, gathered their spouses and children before his party was ordered to defend the city. It is as if that grandness dissipated in thin air once the dreadful wind carried news of the enemy being at the gate. Sasha tried to inhale the suffocating air forcing his lungs to work one more time as he laid on the cold sheet of ice that covered the field that claimed his comrades' bodies, blood, and lives. He pushed his lungs to inhale the scent of death while doing so, he looked to his right where Dimitri's eyes stared at the sheet of black that covers the skies. "It was an honorable death", yet is there any honor is such a massacre?

The dreadfulness of his situation suffocates him. There was no chance for his party to defend the line, there was simply no way his party of 300 men would stand against a platoon of over 1000 men well armed, well bred, well fed, well warmed. Yet, he and his men were chosen to defend the line.

There was no honor in running away, and looking at Dimitri his friend in arms, he knew that there was no honor in that kind of death. Indeed, they were massacred, like little lambs having their limbs severed by a mountain lion . Blood covered his body painting his face in red that smelled of nothing but death. He could not see a thing through the cloak of darkness that the night cast, but he felt the stickiness of his clothes and his face. Perhaps it was the sweat after hours of fighting. Yet, Sasha knew, and knew well that the floor that cradled both his and his comrades' bodies was soaked in the blood of the fighters whom he led into a losing battle. He, was their commander and they followed him blindly, and now they rest there, lifeless staring at death that left their eyes wide open for the crows and scavengers to feed on. Comrades in arms, and comrades in death, yet they left him behind on that field of red blood.

Even after their death, the atmosphere was heavy and reeked of nothing but fear, death, and blood that paralyze both the mind and the body. He tried to hiss as the pain that shot in his left arm but the stiff gust of wind entered his airway freezing his trachea and lungs in an instant. His eyelashes carried the weight of the world as the wind placed its merciless palm on his chest. The ice was merciless, and although he was born and raised here, he could not let go of the knife like feelings that echoed through his body.

He wanted to go back to those days where he would bask in the minor sun, where he had no worries, no line to defend, to the old days when he owed loyalty to no one more than his family and loved ones. He looked into the dark sheet that suffocated his screams and tried to pierce through its veil to find some ray of light. He tried to hold on to his dissipating humanity, yet he could not even muster the courage to clench his fist. Indeed, he was tired, overworked, hungry and in pain. Yet, all that was not the source of his discomfort.

It was the treacherous snow, those little plates that fell from that dark veil of bleakness. Unlike his young days, that snow was powerful, merciless, and reeked of nothing but vengeance from the lord of the skies. His heart ached with every flake that covered his body. The electric shots caused by each flake felt worse than when his enemy cut through his chest to extract his heart. Somehow, he knew that he had lost his heart and yet, he was alive, somehow without that beating heart of his.

He held on to the only memory that he had. He remembered how his heart fluttered when he saw her golden hair and eyes. Somehow, those eyes saw him naked as the person he is, stripped from all dishonors, from all his family's disgrace and shame. Somehow, she did not see his as the bastard child he is. She, with her golden eyes saw right through his soul and demolished the wall that he built around his heart. He, for once, was not afraid of being hurt; he was ready to venture into the world again and build bridges that were once burned by the town's people hateful stares and poisonous words. With her, he was safe, for her he had to return and because of her, he had to live on.

For once in his life, laying on that ice bed of death, he knew he had a reason to wake up in the morning, a reason to breathe for once willingly, he had all that, but the dark fangs of death that cast that intoxicating air around him have decided this frozen land to be his grave. Silenced by the pain that echoes in his chest, he tried to find his way back to her. Yet, he was beyond his limit and his desires were what kept him alive.

He did not want to die; he wanted to be in her arms again. Sasha wanted to whisper words of true love and devotion into her ears. He did not desire that twisted form of love that the younger generation yearned for. His words were true from the soul of his heart and he desired to start a family of his own with her. She would be the center of his universe. He visualized their kids, some would have his dark hair and others would have their mother's golden hair and eyes. They would live happily by utilizing their little land. Perhaps, they would lead a life of hand to mouth, but all that beats death.

All that does not matter anyway, Sasha felt everything slip away, and his dreams shatter like a piece of glass that hits the floor and breaks to small pieces that are broken beyond repair. Here he lays on his frigid deathbed, with his chest wide open, blood oozing out, helpless and cold. If it is not the bleeding that would kill him the hypothermia would, the exhaustion would, the starvation would, the wild wolves would, and so on. He knew that he would die, yet he did not want to.

"Do you want to live", said the fragile voice that echoed in the darkness. Sasha was too exhausted that his vision has already turned blurry and the weather was not helping either. "Bouya, why do you desire to live so much?".

"I have someone who is waiting for me; I made a promise not to make her cry over me again. I want to live to see my girl with golden hair and eyes. I want to feel the warmth of her soul resonate within mine. I want to live because I do not want to see her widowed and crying!". His words spoke of honest pure love that transcended sexual beast desire. They spoke of union, love, devotion, and trust. He knew that he wanted to die of old age, not here defending a line that was already lost. He wanted to see her.

Yukihime ( snow princess) knew that no human would remain alive after his heart has been extracted, yet saw his desires as the fuel that ignited his kindled spirit.

"If you desire to live, so be it!" Yukihime descended and placed a little kiss on Sasha's cheek, then placed her hand on her chest and with a swift cracking motion took out heart that was covered in ice. She plunged her hand into Sasha's chest almost driving him to his own death.

His body arched in pain to her touch. The ice no longer covered his body; it was within him resonating strongly. He felt its surge of power stiffening his entire spine and bringing him into gasping breaths. Was it the end ?

Yukihime placed her hand on his bare chest and made a tapping hand motion with her nail, " take good care of him will you", and kissed him with warmth on his cheek breathing life into him.

He felt the cold creep into his soul and yet the warmth of her kiss spread. He was at his limit and demanded his shackles to be released. He was drifting into a world of mesh of black and he was losing his grip. He was fading and fading quickly. Soon he drifted and was crossing the river with the ferryman. "

"Do svidaniya"

He faded into his deep sleep only to wake up with her voice resonating through his soul. He opened his eyes to see a familiar face with golden eyes and hair staring in tears into his eyes. Annaaa~

> Yet, was he ready for the creature he longed for and the secret she hides within the depths of her soul?

To be continued ~


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