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Zeldamon: The Legacy (Part 16) (My World of Warcraft FanFiction)

Updated on December 15, 2016

Zaiden, The Peace-Maker

Zaiden had spent most of her life being disappointed in the way her family had dealt with their situation. She saw her elders as weak individuals. Spiritually and physically, they were drained. They could fight when they wanted to, but always gave up when the real battles came. Her grandfather was the only person Zaiden had been able to depend on when it came to daily contact. Even so, it was rare that she felt he even wanted her there. In the hundred years that had passed, Zaiden had vowed to be the strongest of her bloodline. Zelpan had aided her in her quests of strength and comforted her in the moments that tears fell. For sixty years they had been the best of friends and now ran the garrison together. With a strong army, they had protected themselves from many that tried to come after King Joseph.

Zaiden heard the screams in the night and it flashed her back to childhood. The bloodline had been fractured and it would be up to her to repair it. If it took the death of her grandparents, she was prepared for that outcome now. The suffering Joseph had endured was enough. It was time to take action, a century ago.

Jayxen Hits Bottom

Decades ago, when the dreams refused to cease, Jayxen had picked up dangerous ways to cope with the effects of her nightmares. As she was on her own for a long time, she had found ways to cope on her own. Sleepwalking and hallucinating were not an option. Early on, she began searching for anyone that would give her any remedy to forget... yet stay conscious enough to survive alone.

Sitting in her niece's home, Jayxen stared at the substance lying on the table in front of her. Hearing her sisters sob into the night had made her more dependent since she'd been home, and her hands shook as she prepared it. Her and her sisters had had little contact over the last century, and neither of them had suspected anything outside of alcohol and extremely promiscuous behavior. The trail of broken hearts behind her was spread out through entire countries. With each one, her soul became farther from mending.

She raised the drug to her lips and sat there listlessly, wasted, waiting for dreamless sleep to come to her. She never moved from the table, her addiction wafting away as her head fell forward into sleep.

Allie Steps Up

Alucardia had been lying in bed, turning over every few minutes. Deciding sleep was not going to happen, she quietly opened the door to her cabin and stepped outside under the full moon. Feeling the tension around her and sensing Zaiden nearby had caused her to lose sleep for days. When she did sleep, Zaiden's pain crept through her head and she woke screaming, wanting to hold her baby, and then realizing she was over one hundred years old now. There was no way to go back.

She walked the perimeter, avoiding guards that might question her walking around in the middle of the night. From the other side of the camp, she caught a glimpse of light coming from Jayxen's dwelling. Alucardia felt a pang of guilt for abandoning her sister. As children, they relied only on each other. It seemed to her that the present was not as forgiving as the past had been. She began to head towards the cabin without any intention of knocking on the door.

As she neared closer, she heard noises coming from inside her sisters cabin... Screams, muffled through the door. Alucardia shook her head and strained to hear just as Jayxen emerged from her domicile, her eyes crazed. As she began to ran towards her, Jayxen bolted in the opposite direction. Allie stopped in her tracks, realizing she had startled her sister.

"Jayx... what's wrong? Let me help you..."

Jayxen slowed to a stop and turned around to face her estranged sister. For a moment, there as a sense of calm that washed across her face. Then she screamed out in painful terror and fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth. Allie rushed up to Jayxen, trying to clear the fluid that seemed to be choking her.

The sounds of asphyxiation turned into animal sounds, and Allie jumped up in sudden fear of the creature her sister had unwillingly transformed into. The beast in front of her stood tall, manic, and angry. The foam that had been on her sisters face now confronted Alucardia in hers, almost like a violent truth breathing down her throat. She backed up slowly from the beast. When it appeared that Jayxen was no longer lucid enough to see her, she began casting a spell that would freeze her sister, until she found out what was wrong with her.

The Stranger

Alexyys held her breath as she watched the anonymous creature freeze. As she watched the scene unfold in front of her from the tree she had been sleeping in, Alexyys quickly felt as if she were watching a true brawl. Had she not been watching the garrison the past weeks, there would have been no way to know what was going on. Alexyys decided that she must help.

She watched as the family congregated around their frozen disaster. The ice would melt in the next hours, but it was important for her to see how this druid's family cared for her in her mania. She wanted to know as much as possible before she tentatively introduced herself. She had traveled worlds looking for Jayxen. Now that she found her, everthing had to be perfect. Slowly, Alexyys gathered her belongings and quietly crept down from her hide-out. There was so much commotion she could barely make out a full sentence from anyone.

The mage stood, crying. "I was just going for a walk... what's wrong with her?! ... her eyes... unnatural... help her!" eventually Allie stopped crying and stood silent, avoiding comfort.

The hunter came with a carriage and loaded Jayxen into it to have her put somewhere safe, and Alexyys began to head for Dalaran... there was much to be found there.

Zelpan Decides

As Alucardia's ice spell faded, she stood at the prison bars that now surrounded her sister in the center of a large basement room underneath the garrison. Her stomach knotted and time ran out. Jayxen still remained in her bear form, standing on two legs. Allie began to pray that she would be able to bring her sister back to a humanoid state, to reason with her and begin to help her.

When her prayer was finished she stood up and thawed out the beast she no longer recognized as Jayxen. She hardly saw this side of her sister when they were children. The terror it had instilled her this time left her feeling empty and helpless. After a few minutes of clawing at the cell bars and Allie crying in the fartherst corner of the room, Jayxen's sound began to sound human again, and sobbing replaced the ravaged screams of an animal.

Allie stood slowly, whispering this time, "Sister?"

Jayxen startled, but the sobs slowed and she held her hands out in front of her as if to indicate she was safe to appoach. Alucardia moved forward a few steps, and Jayxen moved back the same few steps to show she was contained in the cage.

She's went through this more than once... Allie hung her head and concentrated on walking slowly to find the clothes she brought. Their hands brushed during the exchange, but Alucardia turned around promptly to give as much privacy as possible while Jayxen cleaned herself up.

When Alucardia heard the sound of the cell door shift, she shifted her eyes to see Jayxen holding onto the bars as if the world was spinning around her. Despite her better judgement, she went to try to add stability.

Once Jayxen allowed contact, Allucardia let out a breath. She moved her hand up to Jayxen's shoulder and around to her face, "Tell me..." she pleaded, forcing eye contact.

Jayxen's eyes filled with tears, "I... it got out of control... I just wanted to..." A moment of lucidity hit her face and then it fell in defeat. "I'm a junkie," she confessed.

Jayxen shook off her sister's hand and holding onto the bars of her cell, she crumpled into a pile on the floor. "Leave me here..." is all she got out of her mouth before another seizure began, this time completely humanoid and more terrifying than the first. Allie screamed for the guards and a medic, and the rescue team appeared from the hallway. Swift actions barely saved Jayxen from drowning in a vile liquid that required tubed removal to keep her stable before the end of the night. As dawn rose, Jayxen regained consciousness but was forced silent and immobile by warming blankets and tubes throughout her body.

As noon came around, Zelpan made her next appearance. "How is she?"

Alucardia looked up at her daughter's best friend, examining her for flaws. "I'm tired, and you speak in nothing but riddles. What do you want me to say? We don't know what it is that she took, we've got her hooked up to everything the best medical staff have to offer... This isn't like her..."

"It seems like it is like her. Look, I want to help you set up a home as strong as ours so that you can care for your family. It seems to be shattered... all I wish is to reunite and repair." She walked slowly over to Jayxen and touched her wet forehead. "Are you in pain?"

Jayxen's blinking was rapid and she attempted to nod slowly. "I will send you somewhere beautiful to dream while you rest, druid..." Jayxen's face relaxed, and her eyelids fell heavy. As she drifted off to sleep, Alucardia gazed at the two of them in amazement.

"How long will she sleep?"

Zelpan looked over at Alucarda and moved to sit down next to her. "She needs to rejuvenate. It will take the day. You should sleep."

"No... I should have seen this coming... and she needs blood. The doctor is coming back soon."

"I guess I'll have to wait with you until then, won't I? Zaiden wants to be here with you... she just has a lot on her mind with... Joseph isn't well either. You're not the only one that will bleed for family today." Zelpan crossed her legs.

As her words resinated in Alucardia's mind, her face grew wet with tears and as the doctor took her blood they fell faster. The gentle panda reached out to hold her hand, and Allie accepted.

"You need to sleep..." Zelpan helped the medic lift a limp Alucardia onto the bed beside her sister.

The medic looked down to check Allie's vitals. "We'll need to be quick with the others. All blood relation must be in one place for this to work. All blood must be spilled at once. The other one must have the day to recover, and you will need to tranquilize her once more."


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      2 years ago

      I've never played the game but I am certain this will draw those who find it challenging.

    • Alexis Cogwell profile imageAUTHOR

      Ashley Cogdill 

      2 years ago from Indiana/Chicagoland

      Thank you, Larry. :)

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Very creative.


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