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Zeldamon: The Legacy (Part 11) (My World of Warcraft FanFiction)

Updated on February 14, 2016
Alexis Cogwell profile image

Alexis enjoys writing fan fiction featuring Blizzard's World of Warcraft. The adventures of Zeldamon is in form of fantasy flash fiction.


Joseph stood over Alucardia, his eyes glowing like blood. "You think you are better than me to raise that child? You think I have forgotten my life from before your mother covered me with the dirt I choked on? There is evil everywhere, my daughter. And your mother... was evil, and loneliness made her that way when I went to fight. It was the same fight then that it is now, but now I am on the winning side. It is a gift, that I was reborn into this." Before Alucardia could let hope enter that he was beginning to have feelings of love for her, he spat at her and raised his sword.

"If you try to flee, I will cut my heir from your womb myself when they catch you. They will catch you, not matter how safe you think you are. And once I have her safely in my arms, I will be sure to let you feel all the blood leaving your body, as I leave you to bleed while you listen to the crying of a child you will never get to hold."

Alucardia sat in the corner of her bed, numb to his words now. He had put her to bed with this thought in her head since the fetus inside her was strong enough to survive birth. The threats were getting more and more horrifying, so she distracted herself with dreams of his demise. She imagined, as he spoke, that she were doing the things to him that he described.

King Joseph left the room, and slammed the door, startling Allie out of her daydream. "Its alright, love," she soothed her kicking baby. "Someone will come for you and take you away from here. I live for you, my child, just wait for someone to look for you..." Not having anyone that knew or cared about the baby, she ignored the lies. When she talked to her, she calmed down, and Alucardia only lived for the baby now.


Alucardia's recovery had seemed to be going well at first. After a trial, the two that took the journey together would sit close together, trying to take that next step forward. Where progress was going much slower than any of them had anticipated, there was daily progress, and Zeldamon was pleased with that.

With the latest trial, however, she grew concerned. The thought that King Joseph was out there, looking for them, sent chills up her spine.These realizations had to come to Alucardia naturally, so she said nothing to her about it. Alucardia was still resisting trusting even her sisters, and conversation became awkward for Zeldamon when King Joseph's threats were involved. Alucardia finally opened up about the visions she had been remembering about their father, and Zeldamon counted her blessings when she had to just sit there and listen.

That day was a tough one, but it was the most progressive in all of June. Jayxen was relieved from the barracks while Zeldamon cared for Allie. When the soul trials were finished for the day, Zeldamon held Alucardia, stroked her hair, and tried to manage the sweat dripping from her body for hours before she got her to take some medicine. Delicately, she tried to start mild conversation, but Alucardia dove right into the terror this time. She yearned for a day when she would feel normal again, and she felt like she was so close with the bits she was remembering from the capture.

"I can remember him clearly from when i was young. He was always very loving towards us... It's like having a wonderful dream about someone, only for it to twist into that castle room." Alucardia couldn't understand why she had been unable to reach her father inside the blood elf he had transformed into. Until the last time she saw him, she looked for that love from her father. She was always waiting for him to come into her room with an apology of what he had to make her believe in order to get her out safely so she could return to where she came from. Maybe he wouldn't be warm, but he would love her enough to leave her with her choice. It never happened, though, and the fact that he was gone forever tore at her soul.

"Maybe there is magic out there to save him... Zellie, what if we can save him, and I'm stuck in here with this sickness? We need to save him!" Alucardia became hysterical, and her magic had lit all of the candles around them. Losing breath, she paced the room, talking nonsense until Zeldamon decided they were not going to make more progress with her in that state, and she sedated Alucardia with a syringe left by Lyfe in case she needed a rest, but only for an hour or two. While they both were gathering their strength, Zeldamon chose to take the opportunity to sing to her sister in hopes of soothing her spirit enough for the this to be enough to continue.

As she swayed to the sound of Zeldamon's soft tune, Alucardia closed her eyes and tried to imagine standing outside on a large mountain in the desert. Almost being able to hear the trickling of a river, Zeldamon's voice blended with her euphoric vision. As the medicine began to wear off, though, Zeldamon's voice turned hateful in Allie's awakening nightmare. She opened her eyes, and watched in horror as her sister's face morphed into that of their demonic father. She pushed him away, and got on her knees, begging Zeldamon, "Please, I know you're in there! LOOK AT ME!" Not wanting her to further confuse her, Zeldamon stood there, silent. Alucardia's eyes went black for a moment, then she blacked out all together, left with the image of King Joseph and his bloody sword, holding Zaiden in his arms. Allie started to shake and foam from the mouth.. Zeldamon made sure she was breathing, waited out the episode, and sought to find the medic.

Trifling Interruptions

Kiyra was the only one to tend to Alucardia until she was properly sedated into a peaceful enough state for conversation. She advised that the girls hold off on the trials until all three understood this portion of Allie's memories. She cautioned that they should move slowly, taking time out every day to take Alucardia outside to experience nature and other activities to help her deal with her feelings. Alucardia's agoraphobia clung to her, and it wasn't easy to get her to go outside. Jayxen and Zeldamon spend the next two weeks convincing her that the home they had built was safer than it ever had been. They tugged at her curiosity, telling her that she hadn't seen anything yet and describing the lemon grass field that would be thick with scent, if she could make it there.

Zeldamon's concern was growing that King Joseph was searching for them. What if the relapse Alucardia was suffering was caused by magic horde members, looking for them and getting closer?

Since the day in the woods with Lyfe, they had barely spoken to each other. With the collapse of Alucardia's condition, they had spoken even less than usual, though, and she approached him with the subject nervously. What if this paranoia was a symptom and he told her to stop with the trials? She tried easing him into the thoughts she had by telling her of Alucardia's visions.

"She's all over the place now. Some days she's crying because she can't remember what happened to the love of her life, and others she weeps for our father's lost soul. She now only remembers mother when she was healthy, before father went to fulfill his duty of the warrior." Zeldamon told Lyfe about the threats King Joseph had made towards her sister and the need he seemed to have to raise her child. "Can he still find Zaiden? Does he still share blood with us?"

Lyfe looked thoughtful on this. "I don't know..." he examined her nervous expression, and offered his hand. "I'm glad you're well enough to ask me."


Zeldamon and Lyfe arranged for Alucardia and Jayxen to move to a cabin by the river as a distraction. Zeldamon wanted to travel with Lyfe to confirm or deny her suspicions about being followed. With all of their followers out on other missions, there weren't many able to make the trip, and he agreed. Jayxen told Alucardia that she wanted them to set up the cabin as the sisters' new home, the barracks were stuffy and formal.

"We need to spend time together where we don't think about anything for a little while. Tending to our home will take your mind off of things. A reluctant Alucardia gathered her belongings and walked with Jayxen down to the cabin she had not yet made it far enough to visit. Exhausted from the walk and the fear of a different place to call home again, she fell onto the bed and slept until the morning.

Zeldamon and Lyfe began their search for horde in the world they resided. Circling the garrison, they came across scattered horde, but none were followers of Joseph. Most were just surviving on the lands in Draenor and posed no threat. Once a radius was established, they were confident that they could return home the next day without incident. If Joseph was looking for them, they hadn't made it to Draenor yet, but if he were to be gathering forces for an attack, the plans could be made already, and they could be travelling. Lyfe decided he would set up a team when they returned home to go out and spy throughout the other worlds, searching for any word about King Joseph.

As they sit in their own thoughts around the fire, Lyfe moves closer to Zeldamon to hold her.

"I wish you were not so angry with me." Zeldamon whispered.

"I am not angry, love, I worry... I worry less about you lately, and you're getting stronger. I was scared for you to take the risk, but we'll both be better for it." Lyfe guided Zeldamon to their tend and held her like he did when they met. "Do not worry yourself with my worries until I have reason to worry, and we'll be able to handle anything..." Lyfe met her face with kisses and they made love that would renew their relationship for the weeks to come.

Waking late in the next morning, they made their way slowly home, catching the sights this time, without worry of the horde and their possible plans to kidnap Zaiden. They spoke of their future freely, without fear of the present, and gathered seeds to plant when they returned home for more variety in their gardens.

As soon as they returned home, Zeldamon remembered her duties, and went to tend to her sisters. She entered the cabin to find Jayxen and Alucardia sitting on the floor, looking traumatized and broken. Zeldamon took Jayxen under the arm, and helped her off the floor and out of the cabin, where she ran past Zeldamon to empty her stomach in the bushes surrounding their new home. After some time, Jayxen slowly moved away from the bushes, staggering backwards.Lyfe gave Alucardia some medicine, and she fell asleep in her bed soon after.

Each sister had their own bedroom in the cabin they shared, and Jayxen wanted that night to sleep with Zeldamon in her room. She agreed, saying they would talk before bed. Running a fever, Jayxen was beginning to be concerned for her own sanity. "I thought I could help her, but she remembered something new today. Without a trial. It wasn't the same as her hallucinations had been, and we were having fun decorating the house. All of a sudden, her eyes went black again and after a while, she came back to me with no emotion... They were memories of her capture as Joseph was finding out about Allie and her baby..." Jayxen's stomach turned again, and she breathed out slowly before saying her next thought. "He only wanted to meet with her because the child she carried, if she was who she said she was, would be pure and impressionable. He could raise a child of Alliance blood within the horde. For whatever reason, this became his conquest. Night after night, for a month before they met, King Joseph sent in men to Zeldamon to make sure she would be with child when he came to collect her. He has our blood... We still share his blood, though his runs through evil veins now."

Zeldamon cringed with at her sister's realization, knowing what it could mean. She was horrified, and Alucardia could be destroyed by the thought that Zaiden might not belong to the the love of her life at all, but to an alliance prisoner on a mission to save his own life and willing to violate hers to do it. What Jayxen said next made Zeldamon's heart sink.

"She can't remember Pyke anymore."


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    • Alexis Cogwell profile imageAUTHOR

      Ashley Cogdill 

      3 years ago from Indiana/Chicagoland

      Thank you Larry, I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      A lovely series.


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