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Zion and Pee

Updated on July 27, 2013

Had i known the wise say is always the case of the foolish.

I have been married to my wife for six years and we are blessed with a baby girl,we met when we were both very young, it was at a church drama about King Herod. I played Herod and she played Herodias. You see I was ten and she was 8.

Our meeting and acting together graduated to high school and onward to the university then to crown it all,we both got called on by the same law firm, isn't this some kind of connection? Anyway we believed in the chemistry so family members loved it when we finally tied knots.

My elder brother was in jail throughout my high school days,although i know him to be a fuck up but he was in jail for an offense he did not commit. As a lawyer, he was my first client and i brought him out form prison,a 50years sentence which he had served 15 was struck out and he got his freedom

I talked my wife for him to stay with us and she agreed, she helped in his case and pitied his suffering so he began to stay with us.

Not quite up to a month with us, i realized that he was becoming very comfortable with my wife, they will sit and watch late night movies together, it made me happy because i wanted my brother to be happy, i wanted the best for him and i was working towards setting up an auto shop for him since it is what he want.

The eve of last year's Christmas was suppose to be a family reunion but i got sick, my wife and brother were there and three days later, our sister, the youngest of three siblings told me about the way Pee as we fondly called him was holding my wife. She told me that something seems to be going on and she wants me to be careful. You see, Pee and Chantal had been rivals.

I adore my elder brother and i trust my wife, come to think of it, who will ever imagine his own brother and wife in that fashion. Chantal was wrong to have ever imagined that so i waved it totally away. The Val was fast approaching and i wanted to take my wife out to the countryside, we used to go out a lot before but our work shortened that so i wanted to at least rekindle some romantic fire in us.

10th February, 7:35pm...

I was not suppose to be home but something struck me, a force stronger than me pushed me that evening,i drove into the compound,walked into my bed room and saw my wife and brother naked on our matrimonial bed, inside my own house...My wife! my brother! Hummmm!!!!

I cursed the day i was born and ran out from the room vomiting,i didn't know how i got into the car but i was driving and i realized that i was no longer in my house when i almost knocked down someone crossing to the apposite side. I got to our family house which was a five hours drive. Anyway the whole family was pissed off and Dad decided to drive back with me after thousands of unanswered calls to both their respective cells and the house land line.

We arrived at exactly 9am the next day, Zion's Dad and only sibling Zira were on their way, the door was locked and every call to open it was to no avail,my daughter later joined us, Zion had left her with a neighbor. Anyway to make this whole thing short, we never saw Zion nor my brother and until this writing, they are both no where to be found. Zion eloped with Pee.

Oh! if i had known that he will pay me back this way,i wouldn't have fought for his freedom, i now wallow in pain while the two most wicked people in this world are somewhere enjoying themselves not minding the wreck they have caused so many people. sometimes you do something and it will hurt and break the heart of not just one person, Mom now suffers from HBP, thanks to Zion and Pee.

Am i foolish for trusting my wife and Brother?

Am i foolish for getting him out from prison?

Am i foolish for spending my money on a never do well?

Am i foolish for not taking my younger sister's advice?

These and a lot of other questions need to be answered because ooooo! had i known? Had i known? Had i known? I am just a 27yrs old lawyer


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      5 years ago from Nigeria

      Thank you rose for stopping by

    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 

      5 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      Wow........what a story! Unfortunately betrayal is never easy, regardless of the situation. However, I suppose in this case the situation was exacerbated by the fact that a sibling was involved, and that is the worst kind of betrayal. This was an amazing short story. Thank you for sharing. Voted Up! -Rose


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