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Zippers Up : Zippers Down

Updated on June 1, 2015

People have been told that the world is full of lies
That we hide, then cover up to keep running from
Because they believe in what has always been told
Because living lies gets easier without any practice
But the weird thing is that truth glares like the sun

People have been lied to about everything they see
By their kids, kith their kindred, friends and families
Even their parents were living lifetimes as the spies
For the politicians, religions and local sports teams
But the truth makes loading the gun so much easier

You can't hide your drug abuse or that big black eye
From the fist of a boyfriend or the kiss of a girlfriend
Anybody can see clearly that this was an insider job
If none of the saints or the sorcerers made it through
If there were no survivors, what else would Jesus do?

Because you can never really hide your darker roots
Or dye your hair color to become something it is not
Or alter your body and become someone you are not
You collect all this cool stuff with no place to store it
While inside you there is no actual personality at all

You can't keep looking for something, hiding from it
Accepting that what lies ahead isn't real, but it looks
As inviting, as an idol made to mimic the likenesses
That eventually the curtain will fall, releasing control
And all the world will be caught with their pants down

© 2015 Blake Ford Hall


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