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Zombie Apocalypse? Please.

Updated on November 27, 2013

Okay, 2012 is finished, Y2K way before that, alien invasion? Probably. But we got the weaponry for that.(Maybe) Mad cow disease? Yep, that too. Zombie Apocalypse? Oh Fuck, my favorite.

So yeah, possibly of all the choices God has up there, he picks the Zombie Apocalypse button, because probably he thinks its the coolest one or something. I mean its like were built for it right? When I was born in this Zombie movie/video game world, I was sure I can be prepared by just watching the Dawn of the Dead and playing Left 4 Dead and the Resident Evil series, respectively. Could I be possibly wrong? Is my thinking that being Chris Redfield wrong when it comes to a zombie apocalypse? Possibly, yes.

Which zombie would you like to have in a Zombie Apocalypse?

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Know your Zombie.

So when all said and done, the apocalypse happens. Probably it was because some scientist accidentally injected someone with the zombie virus and within hours the entire world becomes infected by zombies, and only a handful of people are left to fight against the undead.(Including you of course). Who cares what started it anyways, I know you guys would be thankful to the guy who started it anyways, sick bastards.

Zombie, for those who don't know what they are. Zombies are dead-corpse moving badasses of a human being ready to consume any living thing that is breathing, moving, and fighting for life. They'll probably be the one that would bring happiness and destruction to humankind at the same time. In simple terms, they're out there to screw you up and down.

What is your typical zombie, in a zombie apocalypse? Is it the running one?(You know the one with steroids and never stops for shit) Or the Walking Dead one? It's not probably our choice but might as well pick one in the poll below. (Don't worry its free.)

Personally, I'm a big fan of the Dawn of the Dead zombies, I know that they seem unrealistic, or something too much, but they seem like the ones to give humanity a challenge. I mean imagine hordes of zombies running at you at 100 mph speeds? Who wouldn't be fucked with that? I'll be scared shitless for sure.

The Walking Dead zombies seem the more realistic ones. Rotting, slow, and overwhelming in numbers. They get through your defenses with sheer amount of numbers and just surround the ever-living-daylight-out of you. That seem to be the choice of the old zombie fans.

But whatever we choose or what zombie may appear in the end, I know that we could always handle it.

"Being prepared for a zombie apocalypse is the last thing you would like to do." -Said No One Ever

So here we are at the start of the apocalypse. So when it happens what would be the possible choices of survival? What do we need the most? Do we fight back or do we keep running? Who'll be a good leader in a zombie apocalypse still Obama? These are the questions that come into our mind when it happens, and for damn sure it will.

We will always need a plan, and a plan you must make. There's a thousand out there in the internet of guides on how to survive a zombie apocalypse, it's hard to miss one. But I'll give you a book that is one of my favorites as it saved me from the apocalypse.

So now when you're ready, what do you do? You wait and wait and wait some more. I know it will take time, but it's better to be prepared than......not being prepared right? You might have bought all the weapons in your nearby gun shop and barricaded your house. You also taught your children and family on how to handle the zombies.

Now you are ready for Them. Kill all the fuckers for me will ya?

So there was no apocalypse after all huh? Well, probably not a zombie-type one. Probably just the sun exploding or something. It was worth the time anyways, and it still could possibly happen and I was here to warn you.

My point is that here we are wondering if its going to happen or not, some even go beyond that and actually prepare for it. Buying all the things needed and making a plan on how to survive it. And probably those people and you preparing for it are right, after all you don't want this to show up in your screen right?


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