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Zombie Survival Guide: Preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse Page 1

Updated on October 2, 2011



"Heroes are brave, but cowards survive..." (Anonymous). When I first heard this from one of my friends I was shocked, but also inspired. Not because I believe myself to be a coward or you, the reader, to be a coward, but that sometimes the best way to stay alive is to be cautious and aware of any threats, no matter how unlikely. It was this saying then that has lead me to write this long, but I feel necessary guide of how to survive a zombie apocalypse. Now for most people the thought of zombies is pure fiction and just entertainment, but unfortunately zombies can exist. Bio-warfare is the latest and one of the biggest threats that humanity now must face. Viruses can be genetically engineered and different forms of rabies can be altered and seem to be very zombie-like. Although a widespread zombie virus hasn't been created yet you owe it to yourself to read on and see if you have what it takes to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Before I begin the endless lists of important skills,tools, and necessary precautions you should take, I want to pose a couple of important questions to you: "Do I have what it takes to think logically in times of panic and distress?" and "Can I make tough decisions that will allow me to survive?" If you answered yes to both questions then this guide will be useful for you, but if you answered no then don't worry your only least for now....

EXTRA INFORMATION: National Geographic Article



Waking up and finding out the world has turned into a zombie playground is never a fun thing to experience (except for the people who have been constantly dreaming of a zombie utopia) so the first important survival skill you must grasp is knowing your location. Geography is key in surviving against either a few zombies or a whole army of them. Unfortunately some people will naturally be lucky and not be in dense population areas like cities when the zombie attack first starts. Do not panic though as there are plenty of problems with living in low density areas too, but lets breakdown a few scenarios that will help you survive based on location.

1. Metropolitan Area (aka city life): Whether your in your office or in your apartment you are going to have a tougher time surviving due to how many zombies have taken over the city. Your number one priority in all of this chaos though is to find a way to get out as quickly as possible without becoming a zombie yourself. This is easier said then done, but one of the easiest ways to survive is to try and travel in a group of people. There is no doubt that their will be large amounts of zombies trying to kill you, but use the initial chaos of mass groups of people to your advantage. The reason for this madness is that if there are mass amounts of zombies you have the option of trying to trip, sabotage, or sacrifice another human for your life. While I don't condemn using this method realize that killing another human being for your own survival will affect you and anyone who witnesses the act happening. By doing this you can make yourself become psychologically unstable or someone may use you later as a human shield/distraction. So be careful and try not to burden yourself with this strategy as it can later backfire on you. Other important things to note:

  • (Resist driving cars and instead try to go out on foot or motorcycle) Reason: Everyone will be using cars and if the zombies don't kill you a reckless human will. Plus there could be a long line of cars trying to get out of the city, which means you will be stuck just waiting for death to take hold of you.
  • (Try to pack light or bare minimum) Reason: You will have a better chance of finding the necessities for survival after everyone is alive, dead, or undead. Letting the chaos settle will also allow you to psychologically get in the right mind-frame for survival and keep your chances of making mistakes to a minimum.
  • (If you have friends, a significant other or family to worry about) Problem/Solution: Unfortunately upfront you are going to have to make tough decisions for the people you care about. (refer to the saying at the beginning of this survival guide). More then likely some or all of your friends/family will die due to the zombie outbreak, but the best way to try and have everyone (or mostly everyone) survive in your group is if you accept the fact that they can die. The reason is that if you are able to keep a calm and leveled head (even if someone you care about dies) you will be able to focus on the task at hand and will be able to hopefully survive and save some lives. I know this is hard, but think first and mourn later when the time is more appropriate.
  • (weapons/supplies) COMING SOON

Conclusion: Getting out of the city will be a tough challenge (especially if you have other people to worry about), but if you are one of the few people able to survive then be happy and enjoy your success.



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