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Zombie Survival Guide:Preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse Page 2

Updated on July 2, 2013

2. Suburban Area (aka town life): Awaking to the zombie apocalypse in a suburban area is a better scenario then living in a city, but still poses problems. Depending on the area that you are situated in you have to prepare to fight more zombies then running away from them. Being able to board yourself in then is the best strategy for surviving. If you live in a house or apartment use the resources available to you in your home to create a fortress. If you are unfortunate enough to be out running errands or at your local convenient store when the zombie attack happens then try make due with the necessary resources available to you. If there are people around who aren't infected form a quick friendship with them and then get back to the task at hand. Other important things to note are:

  • (Resist going into open spaces) Unlike the city where the best thing to do is to get out the exact opposite is true for the suburbs. There are several reasons for this, but one reason is that the suburbs are a lot less dense in zombies than in a city and the second reason not to leave is that you have a lot more resources at your disposal. Since a lot of suburban places have things like grocery stores (for food) and various other convenient stores (like flashlights, guns, knifes and other survival gear) it would be foolish to leave and waste valuable items that could save your life.
  • (If you have friends, a significant other or family to worry about) Problem/Solution: Luckily the chances of family or friends surviving a zombie outbreak are slightly higher then in a city, but like I have mentioned before it is best to assume that most if not all of your family and friends could die. However, if you are one of the very few people who still have optimism when the apocalypse does happen then who knows, maybe you will be able to overcome what the majority of the human population could not, which is to survive.
  • Weapons: Stick with short range and silent weapons. This includes but is not limited to blunt weapons, such as baseball bats, hammers, hunting crossbows, and nail guns.

Well it has been a tough first day of surviving the first wave of the zombie outbreak, but there is nothing more rewarding then knowing the fact that you are still a living, breathing and thinking person. For now enjoy your first night wherever you are and sleep well, because day one is only the first of many days to come. However, before I let you go to sleep let me end this chapter by officially welcoming you to Zombie World where the dead never sleeps and the living are always dying!




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