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Zombie Survival Kit

Updated on June 27, 2011

You are probably aware that there is a very high likelihood that you will need a zombie survival kit in your lifetime. Zombies are not just a work of fiction and cheap horror movies, they are a virtual certainty. In our last article we showed you our zombie survival guide and helped you with creating your own. In it we spoke of the need to be well prepared and certainly a zombie survival kit is a significant part of that. In this article we will look closely at just what your zombie survival kit should contain.

Firstly you will need to think carefully about factors that will influence your kit. This will depend predominantly on your plan. Do you have a defensible fortress of a home that allows a sizeable survival kit or will you have to be on the move, evading zombies and needing a compact manageable kit. Lets look at the basic requirements;

Food & Water

Regardless of whether you are trying to survive for a day or a month you will need to give consideration to food and water. The body can last for several weeks without food, but only days without water. Even if you are only under siege for a day you will need energy to prevent fatigue and keep you making correct life or death decisions. For an escape and evade plan you need to seriously consider weight. Carrying more than a few days water is impractical. One of the best plans will be to scavenge as you go, so dehydrated survival rations and water purification equipment is a must.


Essential to your long term plans will be the ability to communicate. Both with other members of your own group and the outside world. remember that in a zombie apocalypse, mobile phone networks may not function and living television broadcasters hard to find. A long wave radio may be the best way to hear messages from non-affected regions.

If you find yourself as part of a group of survivors then the ability to communicate between yourselves whilst scavenging or travelling. For this, some short range battery powered two way radios are ideal. Despite their slow moving speed, zombies can hoard surprisingly fast and there will be a strong need to call for help or warn others.

 Tools and Weapons

There are two main ways to stop a zombie. Destroy its primitive brain or remove its head. Because of this, many tools such as crowbars, axes and hammers can make very effective weapons as well as being useful tools. In a zombie apocalypse the ability to improvise and scavenge will make all the difference. To save weight in your kit, tools that also offer defence against zombies are ideal.

In the ideal scenario you would have access to automatic weapons and shotguns to see off the hordes. In a true zombie apocalypse you need to be prepared to get up close and personal. Ammunition will run out before the zombies do, and besides, the noise of gunfire may attract the undead. Silent sidearms such as crossbows may be a good alternative.

 So far we have looked at the basics of a zombie survival kit.  Traditionally consideration would be give to shelter, but remember that no emergency tent will keep the walking dead away! Every item that you put in your survival kit must have multiple uses in order to save space. If you are anticipating a long journey then the choice of vehicle is essential. You will want a vehicle made for load carrying and high torque rather than speed.

Keep your survival kit dry and accessible and include its regular inspection and maintenance as part of your zombie survival plan.


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      6 years ago

      I am RELLY scared about it what should I do

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      6 years ago



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