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Zombies Calling: How to Survive in a Zombie Movie (or Comic, for that matter)

Updated on December 21, 2011

Joss is your typical slacker college student who spends most of her time either worrying about her student debt or watching zombie movies. In fact, she's watched so many zombie movies that, if a zombie attack were to break out, she would know all of the rules in order to survive. And so, of course, that's exactly what happens--zombies suddenly swarm her college campus, and she and her roommates Robyn and Sonnet need to depend on her knowledge of zombie tropes in order to survive and escape.

"Zombies Calling" is not the first work of fiction out there to lampshade and satirize zombie tropes (hello, "Zombieland," amongst many others), but it does so very well, simultaneously able to maintain the tension necessary for any work involving zombies to work properly while also being able to make jokes about fast zombies, unlikely zombie-fighting weapons (a spork and a jar of change, here), and how survivors in zombie movies suddenly seem to turn into expert fighters once the zombies come around. It takes itself seriously, while also not taking zombie movies seriously at all.

Joss is an interesting character, who is both elated and terrified by the situation she finds herself in: on the one hand, zombies are attacking, but on the other hand zombies are attacking and she has suddenly developed awesome kung fu skills to combat them. Plus, when you spend your life terrified of student debt, the hordes of the undead aren't really that terrifying. Joss' friends are not quite as complicated as she is: Robyn seems fairly chill and laid back, given the situation with the hordes of the undead outside--like Joss, he has seen too many zombie movies, and is similarly emotionally prepared when the movies they watch become real outside their window. Sonnet, unlike the other two, completely freaks out at the zombies, and is more than a little bit weirded out that Joss and Robyn seem fairly OK with what's going on. Her perfectly natural total panic balances out the relative calm of the other two.

This comic is short and not all that much happens in it. but it's a satisfying and silly little comic book morsel. Check it out if you want a few nice zombie jokes and some fun characters.


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