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Carlton Mellick's Zombies and Shit - A Book Review

Updated on January 30, 2015

Strange, freaky, kinky, off-the-wall, and completely enjoyable, Carlton Mellick III, also known as CM3, takes readers for a wild ride in a post Z-Day world with an imaginative and unforgettable journey in the pages of Zombies and Shit.

After being drugged and kidnapped, twenty people awake to find themselves in the Red Zone as the latest stars of a popular reality television show, Zombie Survival.  Not only must the twenty contestants survive the zombies crying out in hunger for brains, but only one contestant will be allowed to leave the Red Zone upon reaching their destination, forcing an inevitable, all-out battle between contestants, many of whom are friends.  The sole winner, if there is a winner, will receive a new life in the desirable and upscale Platinum Quadrant, a far cry from the slums of the Copper Quadrant where the majority of the contestants reside and struggle to survive on a daily basis.

CM3 grabs the reader within the first few pages and doesn’t let go, making Zombies and Shit a one-session, page-turning read. With just under 300 pages, readers learn how society adapted over the decades and how they survive in a world, lost as we now know it, that has been overcome by zombies.

The world is not a classless society, and this includes dividing people up by geographical location. Individuals are able to move up to a better class, but everyone is a blink of an eye away from being moved to a lower class.

Each chapter introduces the reader to a new character. The reader becomes intimately acquainted with each, and this causes the reader to constantly change their minds about who it is they are rooting for.

As part of a group of books known as Bizarro books, described as “genre of the weird” and aimed at readers who enjoy alternative literature, the appropriately-entitled book Zombies and Shit isn’t designed for the normal, everyday zombie fanatic. Instead, readers with a love for science fiction who are not faint of heart, have a high tolerance for blood and gore, violence and, at times, sexually perverse content will absolutely love this story.

Books written by Carlton Mellick III have been banned in several libraries and bookstores across the country, making his books even more of a treasured gift for any reader. If you enjoy becoming lost in brilliant creations from deep inside the realm of a writer’s unique imagination, who refuses to veer a tale off course in order to please critics, Carlton Mellick is right up your alley.


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    • Deni Edwards profile imageAUTHOR

      Deni Edwards 

      7 years ago from california

      Happy New Year to you, too! I hope you like the book!

    • prasetio30 profile image


      7 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Good review from you. Thanks for share with us. I'll search more about this book. It looks interesting to be read. Happy New Year!



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