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a beautiful slumber

Updated on January 14, 2013

Watching you sleep... you're so beautiful

Piercing through fleshly bars

and into Autumns night

deepest rivers of fallen colors

engulfed in a halo

of crescent moon white

Love at first sight

the first day of spring

the flowers began blooming

in sync with our love

we both grew that summer

I know every twinkle

every wrinkle

every facial expressions charade

you always spoke through your eyes

but the roads are closed now

flooded and lost

I close my eyes too

and trace your face

search for a memory tattoo

a small scar under your right eye

when we tried to fly

too high

accidentally on purpose

your lips freshly painted red

reminds me

of our first wet kiss

and that time your parents almost caught us

cooking in the kitchen

Your perfectly manicured fingertips

and how your eyes made me feel so alive

when you saw the ring

me on bended knee

never wanted that moment to end

Your hair freshly washed

the scent

takes me to St. Joseph park

and skinny dipping in the dark

somebody stole our clothes

and that's when I nicknamed you

Lady Godiva

jumped on bareback

as I played the stallion

our inside joke no one ever knew

I can still detect the laughing lines

we made upon our faces that day

Watching you sleep here

without a care

and as the world watches

neither do I

your dreams appear so peaceful

from what I can see

through blurry peripheral

I can't see straight

double vision and hind sight

confusion and chaos

I'll keep my promise

and leave your diary hidden

under pink victoria secrets

and everything left unsaid and undone


I'll wait

until we meet

and when you awake

I hope you'll remember me

and save a dance

one last kiss

Your voice is not here

but I wonder if you can hear

the seasons passed us by

all your rivers have suddenly run dry

and I'm trapped

underneath the frozen undertow

crying inside my mouth

underneath winters sleeve

One of your favorite tunes

playing softly in the background breeze

You said this song made you feel sad

and I never understood


until now...

as they close the casket

and take you away


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    • SiberianWolf profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric T. Shortridge 

      5 years ago from MidWest

      Thanks so much blaise... you just gave me one of the best feelings... whenever someone feels the ink... it makes it all worthwhile :) Very much appreciated... thanks again for stopping by, I look forward to reading you soon - Peace

    • blaise25 profile image

      Fehl Dungo 

      5 years ago from close to you...

      Can't take it anymore now...tears...

      Absolutely beautiful. I'm so moved. Tell me this is just a poem

    • SiberianWolf profile imageAUTHOR

      Eric T. Shortridge 

      5 years ago from MidWest

      Epigramman... thanks again - it's been a pleasure to meet you my friend, I will be finding my way over to your place of poetry soon :) I'm new to the hubpages community... thanks so much for welcoming me with open arms... and I will definately look Scrittobene up... appreciate that very much... Stay warm inside and out - Peace

    • epigramman profile image


      5 years ago

      Well Sir Eric of poetic eloquence you are a master weaver of words and I urge you meet another poetic modern wonder of the world like yourself and her name is Scrittobene , here at the Hub, and she is the ultimate Dylan freak and one terrific writer herself.

      You write like an old soul from a past generation but yet your writing is a pleasing testimony and salute to the grand art of poetry.

      So very nice to meet you my friend and sending you once again sincere warm wishes and good energy from a cold day by lake erie time ontario canada 11:10am


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