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a bewildered man in street with no beard asks

Updated on September 24, 2012

The Muslim world is shrouded again by a grievance.

A movie of thirteen-minute trailer,

depicting the light of Universe

as slaughterer, glutton and child molester

"Why?" a bewildered man in street with no beard asks.

"Why do they hate us?are we bad?evils?have we ever lampooned Jesus?

or made fun of him?

Not all the reasoning in the universe will make it justifiable

Freedom of speech is to respect while you talk about us,

Freedom of speech is to leave religious figures untouchable

I am upset,boiled with anger right now right here,

to see a bum off the road with no heart, no compassion, and no remorse

engaged in the process of denigration,

followed by elite media mercenaries,beating the drums .

Why do they want us to go back home and act as if nothing ever happened?

as if we were not entitled to protest,

to say:Halt,shame on you.We ve carried such things like that far enough.

It is time to stop and show some respect"


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