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The Wedding, a Journey of Romance

Updated on July 2, 2014

A heart-warming tale

I don't know how many of you are familiar with this book. For those you are yet to come across this book, here is the summary of the book. It is essentially a follow-up to the classic 'The notebook' and is by Nicholas Sparks. But this one had a greater impact on me than the first one. It touches your heart at some level. I'm sure elderly married couple would love this (if you are planning to gift it to somebody) and young married couples would be wanting for this kind of love. Love is always seen as a women's area. We think women are more open to love and relationships.Needless to say some of the best romance novels have been penned down by romance queens. But coming from a man who has understood this concept at a deep level is surprising as well as a welcome change to the routine reads.

Plot of the story

In this book, Wilson is an introvert who is uncomfortable about expressing his emotions and feelings to anybody, even his wife. He is a tax attorney, a caring husband and a loving father. He has been married to the same woman for close to thirty years and for him his wife Jane is everything. Over the period of years, Wilson has come to a point where Jane is a permanent part of his life. His in-laws are known for their true love as they had been together for fifty years. The same is expected from Wilson and Jane. At some point Wilson understands that there is a drift in his relation with Jane. Though they have not argued or said anything hurting, there are subtle changes which make him anxious to know what is wrong. He mentally goes over the past year when the symptoms started showing and remembers certain differences, most important of all , how he had forgotten their anniversary last year. Though it was a simple mistake, he realizes that it might have conveyed the wrong message to Jane.They are close to their thirtieth wedding anniversary and their daughter Anna is planning her wedding date on the same day her parent's anniversary. The wedding day dawns with a lot of expectations and there is this huge twist in the story which you will undoubtedly love if you read the book. I don't want to tell the ending and spoil the fun for you.

Anyway the point is Wilson is not as indifferent and careless as we thought him to be. Besides he had Noah (Jane's dad) to guide him and inspire him.

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The main characters


Anna exactly understands the love between her mother and father. She supports Wilson till the end and is the main success ingredient in the story. Such a daughter is the dream of every parent. The way she handles everything is extraordinary


Wilson captures our heart right from the beginning of the book. Be it his helplessness or pain or the surprise or his love, he takes us through his journey with fond memories. He is willing to do whatever it takes to gain Jane's trust back. But the ending is such an unexpected joy.


What is special about Jane is, though she knows her husband's negatives, she still does not accuse him or jump to hasty decisions. The story captures her dilemma between the man she loves and the man she wants her husband to be. Jane steals our heart as the ordinary woman with simple expectations who wants to feel special again. I'm sure the ladies can relate to her well.


Noah (Jane's father) is an inspiration by himself. Old and full of wisdom he subtly reminds Wilson of what he is about to lose and treads the fine line brilliantly between being Wilson's father in law and Jane's dad. He knows how both of them feel and he wants the best for them. His love for his wife Allie is legendary.

Its funny but have you ever noticed that the more special something is, the more people seem to take it for granted? Its like they think it won't ever change.

And this is why I love this book

I read this book and it got me thinking. My mother and father have completed twenty nine years of marriage. The situation at my home was not much different. My culture is a very conservative culture. Married people do not even hug or touch each other in public. There is absolutely no show of intimacy if they have grown up kids.(By grown up I mean kids who have started going to school!) My father and mother love each other very much. The strange part is they tell that to me indirectly but I have never seen them tell that to each other. Yet they are happy to take care of each other. For a long time, I did not know my mother felt that she needed some more attention from my dad.

The other day she was telling me, 'What if the kids are grown or we have become grandparents, I still feel I do not spend enough time with your dad." My dad is a great guy but not very vocal with his feelings. To top it all, he thinks a wedding anniversary day is not required to celebrate marriage. For him every day is a celebration. One day he told me when my mother was busy in the kitchen, "What is all the fuss about? I don't get it. Why do we have to celebrate only that day? Everyday I see your mother happy is a great day for me." I did not know whether to smile or scold him.

Thirty years is a long time. Time enough to forget the difference between being romantic and being in love. If you think both are the same, you are mistaken. I learnt that from my parents. My parents would go to any extent to keep each other happy, but I have never seen them exchanging a gift or sharing a dinner without their kids. They are solidly in love which according to my father is being responsible for keeping the other person happy. He has admitted on numerous occasions to me that he thought that there is no other woman who is as innocently beautiful as my mother. I tried explaining on numerous occasions that mother would be happy if he was a little more open. But it was of no use. Maybe I could not express it right or maybe he could not get it right.

I love presents. So on my father's birthday, I gave him this book to read. I did not even tell him what it was about. He loves books. So he started it immediately. After a week there was still no reaction from his side. I thought he might have realized something. I asked him about the book. He simply said he enjoyed reading it. If I said I was disappointed, it would have been an understatement. I gave up on him. There was no way I could make the man understand and there was only a certain limit that I could try.

Two weeks before my parents' wedding day, I was sitting with my mother chatting idly. She was expecting dad to forget the day this time again as he had done on numerous occasions during the past."Your father never forgets any of your birthdays or your wedding days. How can he not remember our own day?"she sighed. I had no answer to that. My father came home that day with a strange expression. Initially I thought he was hurt. He simply came home and asked my mother to sit with him.

As they were sitting in the dining table, he slowly pushed an envelope towards her. When she opened it, there were two tickets to the Goa Taj resort for three days along with the flight tickets. My surprised mother did not say anything for a while. Then she hurried to the kitchen probably to hide her tears of joy.

Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day.

Which is your favorite moment in a wedding?

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