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The Magical Powers of the Holy Death: Practical Spellbook

Updated on August 23, 2017
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Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

Santa Muerte!

This slim book is the best of the best when it comes to setting up an altar, saying prayers, and bringing peace, harmony and health into the home. It is a wonderful mixture of folk Catholicism, Wiccan practices and rituals and prayer that draw on Vodoun, Santeria and other sources of strength.

In other words if you aren't open minded this is not the book for you, but if you are, it is a wonderful collection of the most popular prayers, including a nine day petition among others. Readers should keep in mind that despite and notions to the contrary, Santa Muerte is a good girl and readers are encouraged to walk in the light.

The seven colored robes she is wearing symbolize her ability to do anything and each color has specific meanings you can learn about on my Santa Muerte for Witches Hub.

The Magical Powers of the Holy Death: Practical Spellbook

I loved this book on first sight of the cover, and the contents do not disappoint. Many of the prayers are simply beautiful and draw from a blend of faiths. It is, after all the same God/dess we all pray to.

Some Wiccans might take pause over the binding prayers, but they are meant to bring back lost spouses and family members, not to damage free will. Santa Muerte is being asked to turn the heart of the one who has left back towards the person they abandoned, and she can only suggest never force.

The authors even suggest that a nine day petition is a fragile thing and that a person turned back can just as easily leave forever if the petitioner isn't sweet and forgiving. In other words do not petition for your faithless husband to come home just so you can smack the snot out of him. If you aren't ready to forgive and embrace your beloved one even Santa Muerte can't fix things.

I loved this book since it showcases Santa Muerte (Holy Death) as the sweetheart she really is. Another writer said she is more of a playful skeleton and that describes the beautiful lady you'll find in the pages.

Some prayers are so sweetly moving I want to print them up and hang them near my doorway. You know, like a house prayer, and I am not, by and large big on prayer books, having burnt myself out good at one time.

Also check out the cover. If the book is meant for you your heart will melt. There are also drawings in the book which would look lovely scanned and pinned to an altar. Despite my Catholic tendency to want to buy every single thing I see, Santa Muerte is not impressed by having riches thrown at her.

The Magical Powers of the Holy Death Practical Spellbook
The Magical Powers of the Holy Death Practical Spellbook

The thing I can't stress enough and I'm often asked about is that throwing money at her in the way of more statues, more offerings and more stuff just does not help. The beautiful lady moves in her own way and in her own time and the books simple rituals stress that.


Wiccapalooza! - Santa Muerte adores witches

You can give the white lady anything. I swear. She's never shown a problem with me being a witch, she's quite magically savvy herself after all.

Note to Wiccan Readers - Scan of my own copy

Yes, Yes, I hear you. Seeing spellbook and then seeing prayers such as the Lord's Prayer can be upsetting to my pagan readers. I hear you. I used to get and print e-mails from a certain Christian publication to honor a family member until one national prayer day they asked God to get rid of all witches.

I explained very politely that I would not get e-mails every again for this relative, for although she loved me and I her, I do not support anyone who prays for me to die or end up in a place of eternal flames. Haters are gonna hate, but not on my dime.

So no, I'd NEVER recommend this book if I thought it preached intolerance. The cultural background for Santa Muerte is a blend of Aztec pagan beliefs and Catholic teachings, but there is as much Santeria and Vodoun here as anything else, so it is nice and inclusive, just like Santa Muerte. And let's not pretend that there aren't nutcases out there that use negative magic.

Santa Muerte will protect you in her black robes as hex smashing and turning back evil spells is her specialty.

She has a strange sense of humor, and is a total sweetheart....

So yes, even though she looks tough here, that is a good thing. You want tough mom on your side when the going gets rough. And they don't come tougher than this old battle ax. Yes, that is one of her many pet names. She's a total sweetheart, just not one you wannna mess with the children of.

The book doesn't mention these, but they might help.

If you take comfort in saint candles, rosaries, prayer books and the like they are out there. Here of course is my wish list. (Not that I don't have lovely things now or on the way...)

Talisman Holy Death - Amuleto de Santa Muerte - Gold Plated pendant
Talisman Holy Death - Amuleto de Santa Muerte - Gold Plated pendant

I so could use the emotional stability she brings in red robes. I did of course paint an old prop so I'd have her in red robes, but this just reminds me of my childhood. Sigh...

Gifts by Lulee, LLC Set of 2 Santisima Santa Muerte Candles - Set De 2 Veladoras De La Santisima Muerte Con Oracion
Gifts by Lulee, LLC Set of 2 Santisima Santa Muerte Candles - Set De 2 Veladoras De La Santisima Muerte Con Oracion

White shows purity of intent so I'd love this set of candles. I can only afford to get the plain ones. I'm not complaining, but ones with art and prayers are prettier is all. I was raised Catholic, remember?

Holy Death / Santa Muerte Soap
Holy Death / Santa Muerte Soap

It is a wonderful and soothing thing to take a bath dedicated to a saint. I guess you would call this folk magic, but I'd find it relaxing, yes, again with the red robes.


Se incrementa el culto a la Santa Muerte en Puebla

A little explanation before you watch the video, one Santa Muerte is a folk saint, not a 'real' one. In fact the Catholic Church condemned any shrines to her as idolatry. But her shrines are all run much like Catholic churches dedicated to a saint. So it isn't really unusual for there to be a gift shop or a place to buy offerings, or a donation box for that matter.

The saint has many gifts you can see, and are given for two reasons. The first is to keep a promise. If you promise her a gild ring if you get your new house for a good price, you get her a gold ring when she comes through.

The second reason is as a gift to win her attention. In that case you would give her the ring first then ask for her favor then ask for a cure for cancer, or what have you. Ironically I was never allowed to work with her when my parents were alive, so now she comforts me after their deaths.

Oh, every shrine is run differently, so while not liking Santeria or magic isn't friendly it is it the right of this man to do so. Remember many followers consider themselves good Catholics.

See? Very Peaceful

My own statue of La Santa. With one of her fluffies.
My own statue of La Santa. With one of her fluffies.

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