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A Book Review of Peter Cawdron's Feedback

Updated on September 5, 2014

I wanted to leave some feedback on Peter Cawdron's book (sorry, couldn't resist the pun). It is a somewhat strange story that might be a little hard to follow at times, since it's about UFOs, time travel, and extra-terrestrial life, all squished into one great novel that will make read until your eyes bleed!

The reason I picked this book up in the first place is because I've read "Monsters" by this same author and it left me a little lost, I didn't know if I could find another book like this one. While Feedback is completely as far as subject matter goes, it still didn't disappoint me.

I love books that stretches the imagination, without the book being to far-fetched that it isn't believable . Because I haven't read all of his books yet, I can't say that all of Cawdron's book are like this, but Feedback sure is. It is truly an intriguing concept this book is based on, and unfortunately, I can't expand upon the concept without me spoiling the whole story.

I can however tell you the basic starting point of the story. For the most part, the plot progresses on two separate storylines, both on the same characters, just 20 years apart. The first subplot (or whatever) starts out with this US military crew searching for a girl in North Korea. They try to fly in by helicopter, but as soon as they cross over to their territorial waters they are deemed unfriendly and are shot down, Leaving one of the crew (the main character) marooned in unfriendly territory.

The second story happens 20 years later, when Jason finds a strange but intriguing girl out on the street next to his apartment. Since it is raining heavily and she was just standing there for at least 12 hours he decides to offer her a place to rest in his apartment, Soon thereafter, she is seemingly abducted by aliens!

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This book is the next one on my reading list. From what I've gathered from the description, it's about first contact with E.T., but it's the ET's side of the story!


This one sound like a great read also, and will definitely have to add to my amazon wish list!


This book is not your typical monster story. I personally liked this book better than feedback!


Here are some videos of either Peter Cawdron, or his books!

Did you read any of Matthew Cawdron's books? You can write your thought here!

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