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a dialogue bet. 2 lovers when one is dying

Updated on March 17, 2009

I was trying something new. And this is what I came up with. This is some kind of play in a form of a poem or something like it. It portrays the scene when a couple who are soon to be wed are faced with a death situation a couple of days before the big day. The girl is introduced in the beginning of the (semi-play) crying with her tears washing her pure face because she has been told that her fiancé is dying and probably has a couple of hours left. The work shows the dialogue between the lovers .

The bride's words are typed in Italic while the groom's are in bold :D Enjoy

Tears washing her pure face as dew

Saying in silence i wish you love me two

Honey don't cry let me dry your tears.

I promised to guard you for eternal years

But now I lay vulnerable on the bed of death

He sighs taking pleasure in his last breath

You will be engraved here (points to his heart)

Hugs her so hard as if they were to depart

Don't leave without me! Take me with you

Let us commemorate the moment I now got few

I won't live without you my soul mate

If I ever fall in love myself thou shall hate

Live your life .I won't keep you hanging

I release you from your vows. Now crying

She drops on her knees, take me along

Without you I won't survive for long

You are a survivor born to be free

Enjoy your life leave death's burden to me

Don't say that, we belong together till eternity

Don't cry! Wipe of all your tears honey

Show me your smile (smiling) so heavenly

The soul exits the body


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