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A Few Kids Poems About Snow

Updated on December 5, 2010

On Winter's Doorstep

I stood on winter's doorstep

'Twas just the other day;

I felt her frosty fingers

And skies above were gray.

Just then the tiny snowflakes,

Such dainty, fragile things

Came slowly drifting earthward,

Borne there on icy wings.

I caught one of those snow-gems,

(You really must be quick!)

To hold it without melting

Is quite a clever trick!

I could not help admire it's

Symmetrical design,

So perfect in proportion,

In lacework, oh, so fine.

Lost in wonder, there I stood

Held by it's magic spell;

O who can make a snowflake,

I wonder, can you tell?

Yes, God is the Creator;

I bowed my head to pray,

Standing on winter's doorstep --

'Twas just the other day.

Georgia B. Adams

Snowball Fights

I sat upon the snowbank

looking out all alone,

dreaming of the snowball fights

we use to have at home.

So I'm a new kid here,

it'll take time to make friends...

When all of a sudden,

a cold chill

from a snowball

hits my hand,

It was some old kids,

in the new neighborhood,

welcoming me in.

D. Alsup


There's something very lovely

In snowlight, in snowlight,

When day has gone and dusk is done,

And all the world is still;

When night comes down the meadow,

And low light, then no light

Except the soft, clear shine of snow

Is over wood and hill.

The little firs stand windless,

All darkly, all starkly;

The cedars and the sentry pines

Keep watch across the lawn;

And a rabbit carved in onyx

Sits peering, half fearing...

There's magic in the snowlight

Between the dusk and dawn!

Nancy Byrd Turner

Enjoy the snow!

Thank you for visiting our hub. These poems are great to read to your children or have them read to you. If you have a few kids poems about snow you would like to share please do so here.


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    • profile image

      Dominique 4 years ago

      Honestly I agree with hayden., and I love the whole sell your squad idea. Personally I'd love to see pace beocme less of a factor. I'm a very total football kind of man, I love having passing specialists in my team and being able to dominate possession which is why I hate those stupid untalented quick guys some shit team sticks up top. I think I also want to see more specialization when it comes to stadiums, like if I'm at the etihad, I want the net to be black or if I'm at the bernabau I want the crowd right behind the goal instead of 80 yards away. I also want more freedom on celebrations. If I just scored a goal in stoppage time, I whhjhant to o rip my shirt off or go celebrate with the crowd or the subs. And if I'm up 6 or 7 nil why can't I just start walking emotionlessand give one of my teamates a gentle high five. I also want new commentators, like Macca or and Ian darke on ESPN who are the best! Rather than Clyde tilsley and his butt buddy Andy town send, I mean come on EA get creative!!!

    • BIGCSSHOP profile image

      BIGCSSHOP 5 years ago

      Emilyfed, Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed.

    • profile image

      Emilyfed 5 years ago

      It's lovely.

    • BIGCSSHOP profile image

      BIGCSSHOP 7 years ago


      Thank you so much for visiting. I'm glad you enjoyed our hub. Happy Snow to you!

    • tnderhrt23 profile image

      tnderhrt23 7 years ago

      These appeal to the Kid in me, I guess! My favorite is the first one! I find snow to be very inspiring!