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A Poem for every day in August

Updated on September 9, 2014

More poems to delight you

This is the fifth month of my challenge to write a poem every day for a year. It is a delight to write them, I hope it is a delight for you to read them. I mostly write them daily but sometimes something will get in the way and I have to catch up.Why don't you challenge yourself to do something you love, every day? Most of these poems would never have seen the light of day if I had not taken on this challenge.

All the photos on this hub are mine.

The fifth month

Follow me on my journey to write 365 poems in a year. The subject varies as the mood takes me. Many of my poems are about my spiritual walk. I also show a love of nature and the one who created it.


Another colour

August 1st

If this rose were decked in green

It could be mistaken for a little cabbage,

But fortunately

It is a most glorious pink.

Its interleaving petals

Cast shadows to deepen the colour.

By any name it would smell sweet,

But another colour

Would reduce it to a vegetable.

Why not write a poem here yourself?

Add your poem?

Another day

August 2nd

Alone, it seems, I stand

And shout the cause,

Proclaim my Lord

Proclaim without a pause.

And no one seems to listen

To my heart-searching call.

Will no one turn to Jesus

Who gave for them his all ?

Will you turn a deaf ear

To his calling for your soul ?

Here is life he offers,

Life to make you whole.

But you pass by unheeding.

For you I still pray

And hope that you will listen

On another day.

Never alone

August 3rd

When winter winds

So roughly blow

And bring the rain

Then heavy snow,

Still my God walks with me.

When sultry summer

Comes again,

With fruitful bough

Along the lane,

Still my God walks with me.

He loves me still

When I am bad,

Even though

It makes him sad.

Still my God walks with me.

When I am good,

He made me so.

In happy paths

I now do go.

Still my God walks with me.

When I am ill

And on my bed am found,

His love is with me

All around.

Still my God walks with me.


August 4th

The day is grey,

The rain is light,

The birds still sing

And all is right.

The earth drinks in

The welcome rain

The trees rejoice

And swells the grain.

The farmer goes forth joyfully

To tend his flock with care.

The animals are flourishing

The fields are never bare.

The apples fill

On orchard tree.

The fruit is good,

Good as can be.

And so with happy hearts

So free

We worship Lord,

We worship thee.

Honiton show

August 5th

I'm going to a show,

It's agricultural,

Don't you know.

The day is grey

But that is best

To keep us cool and

Full of Zest.

Three ladies we

Just past our prime

Will go together.

Spend the time

In pleasant company.

I must get ready

See you soon.

I'll show you photos

From this afternoon.

Tractor at Honiton Show

My home

August 6th

This old house

Is falling down

Around my ears.

It's been neglected now

For many,many years.

Everthing crumbles

If left on its own.

The landlord does nothing

No matter how I moan.

And now she wants me

Out of here.

I don't intend to go.

I have an assured tenancy

I'm acting really slow.

I love my roomy flat

For sure

I want to stay here for ever more.

9.50 P.m.

August 7th

I'm late, I'm late,

Something I really hate.

I like to be on time

With this little rhyme.

I like to write it in the morn

Sometimes even before the dawn.

But this time I have been so tardy.

It wouldn't do for Thomas Hardy.

But now I've caught up with this verse

I won't be feeling quite so terse.

Perhaps to morrow I will be on time

When I bring you my next rhyme.

Abuse of the elderly

August 8th

Such wickedness

Dwells within this world,

Such disrespect and cruelty

In it is curled.

Disgraceful behaviour

Displayed to the old.

Dishonouring demeanour

Feelings so cold.

Where age demands love

Hatred is found,

Bringing our mothers

Down to the ground.

There is a God in heaven

Who sees all we do.

One day our actions

We will surely rue.

For God loves the widow

And the fatherless.

He will look down

And see their distress.

They may seem helpless

Uncared for and lone,

But God is their victor

His anger will be shown.

Repent of your actions

While time still remains,

There is forgiveness waiting

For the one who refrains.

But continue your persecutions

And judgment will fall.

Then you will be disgraced

Before us all.

The trip

August 9th

I'm up early,

I,m going on a trip

Off to London

Into civilization's grip.

I am a country girl

So I'm feeling quite tense.

Will I find my way

Or will I be too dense?

Up to the big city,

Where the lights are bright.

I'm feeling all excited

My tummy feels quite tight.

For I'm a country girl at heart

And know where things are best.

I like to live in Devon

Way out in the West.

A country girl in London

August 10th


Why would a country girl

Living there all her life,

Want to go to London,

Where many dark things are rife ?

i'm just passing through

On to better things,

To the countryside of Suffolk,

To its trees and slopes and springs.

I don't like it where

The escalators run fast,

Nearly knock me off my feet

In the hall so vast.

But the people seem the same

As in any other place.

Not scary as we are sometimes warned,

Just part of the human race.

Some are loud and shout a lot,

But they're mostly good at heart.

Just as good in London

As in any other part.

Travelling through London

August 11th

I found my way from coach to tube,

Even went the right way,

Jumped right out at Victoria,

It really made my day.

Then walked to the coach station

In sunshine all the way,

Two hours early as I like,

But it was the proper day.

Some time to fill before I go

So out comes paper and pen.

I fill the hours with poetry,

What can I do then?

Just sit and breathe

Though the air's not good

As it is upon our hills.

Give me the hills and I will happily leave

To the city folks their thrills.

A good friend

August 12th

I met a good friend,

I hadn't seen for two years.

Friendships just take on where they left off

And we cry no tears.

We spent some time

On the PC,

Learning techniques new,

Getting on Facebook

So we can share our feelings true.

Two and a bit hours go quickly

Then off I go on my travels,

Knowing we can share online,

Tell how life unravels.

A loving home

August 13th

My little room is cosy

With duvet on my bed.

I've been entertained today

And very pleasantly fed.

My brother and his wife

Have welcomed me with love.

It's home from home just being here

Soft as the nest of a dove.

There's friendship here

And loving strong,

A place of refuge

All day long.

When trouble strikes

The children's home

They know to come here

No further roam.

There's always a welcome

No matter when

A place of comfort

With this mother hen.


August 14th

Behind her stands

Old grumpy socks,

worried she will tire herself.

Only grumpy because he cares,

Worried for her health.

Together they are caring ones

Reaching out to others,

Reaching out to lost and lone,

Standing in place of mothers.

Helping where the helpless are,

Knowing not where to go,

Looking for some comfort

When they feel so low.

Going Home

August 15th

Meeting friends new and old

Is good and great.

A holiday refreshes,

But I wait for one date.

That date is the day

I return to my home.

It's good to get back

Even though it's good to roam.

There is nothing quite like

One's own routine,

Knowing how the day will go

Contemplating what you've seen.

The homeward journey

August 16th

And so with other things to think of

My poem gets pushed aside.

There's a bus to catch,

Catch it I must or woe betide.

At the next stop

I catch another bus

Earlier than the intended one.

I didn't make a fuss.

Next the tube with its mysteries

District or circle

East or West

Whatever would be best.

Fortunately there are always

Old hands at this game

To reassure and advise

This country bumpkin

Who came

Up to London's great city

To write a ditty

Of hurry and haste.

I catch the final bus

Sink gladly in my seat.

Now it's plain sailing

Till my friend I meet.

A friend with a car to take me now

Into the countryside's depths

The best home, I trow.


August 17th

We travelled to Morwellham, in deepest Devon

To where a thriving port once stood

On the Tamar river

Where now there is a hillside wood.

How changes the fate of man,

Supply and demand is king

A deep copper mine was once worked here,

Now tourism is the thing.

As the mine grew harder to work

And new were discovered afar,

So the men and their families dispersed

To sleep under new, twinkling stars.

So change comes to us all,

We cannot resist .

We have to go down new paths

No matter how they twist.

No place like home

August 18th

How nice to settle in at home again,

To watch the trees grow in the rain.

To settle into bed at night

And stay there after dawn's first light.

To wander gently through the day

Without a timetable to control my way.

To amble on from meal to meal.

To let time's balm my mind to heal.

'Tis good to go about and play

But better far at home to stay.

A Celebration of Summer Time

Quartet playing

August 19th

This morning I have had a treat,

We three friends together did meet.

Two violins ,a viola and a cello.

Oh the sound was really mellow.

It is great fun, I must say,

To hear the parts interplay.

For more than two hours

We used our powers,

To mix and blend

And harmony send

Into the listening air.

Then fortified with tea and cake

We homeward then our way did take,

Filled with satisfaction.

The bungalow

August 20th

The bungalow changes hands today.

'Tis the place where my children once did play,

Happily on a Saturday morn

From the time that they were born.

Wistfully we move on in life

Looking back o'er fun or strife

Lingering with the memories

Fading from our view.

Time goes by, the seasons change,

Familiar turns to strange.

We blossom and flourish

Then comes the end time

When we must make way

To another's rhyme.


August 21st

Warm and muggy

Is this English season

Mist rolls in

For its own reason.

A quiet day to stop and think.

To eat some fruit and sip a drink.

To slumber long in morning hours

To linger by some dreamland towers.

To read a book and enter in

Years long past and full of sin.

To amble through the day

And sing a cheerful lay.

Do I really care?

August 22nd

Squidooing is like juggling,

Trying to keep each lens in the air.

But then you get to the point

When you find you do not care.

You've tried so hard

To make your lenses shine.

Looked at SEO and stuff

To make them really fine.

Then Google turns against you

And you have to start again.

Really I am finding it

All too much of a pain.

So here's to real life

Lived in the round

Here I will not be

So frequently found.

Of course I shall write my poems,

Present them every day

But I will not spend more time than I must

Wheeee I'm off to play.

Arvo Part in my kitchen

August 23rd

I've found the perfect way

To do my washing up.

It makes me stay there at the sink

Until all the work is done.

I have my CD player there,

Beside me on the work top.

I listen to Arvo Part

The music makes me stay.

I scrub and rinse my dishes

Until they shine,

Captivated by the magical sounds

That in my ears ring.

I hope to have a kitchen

Sparkling and clean

While I meditate with music pure

To keep my heart in tune.


August 24th

When the law is on your side

You may still have to fight for justice.

Best if you can fight for someone else's justice.

The law is there because some people will never treat you right.

So fight for justice fight.

Use the law all you can, and get others to help you.

Their expertise is vital in this fight.

Marshall all your forces to attack the forces of injustice.

In the end they will fail and grovel at your feet.

August rain

August 25th

The rain it raineth every day

It pelteth from on high

And if I forget and look up

I get it in my eye.

The wicked plot their wicked schemes

Against the old and frail.

Their schemes will turn upon them

Their foot will slip and fail.

God protects the humble

And keeps them from all harm

The evil ones will perish

And know their own alarm.

Defend the weak

August 26th

Safe in my Father's arms I lie

My God is my defence.

So I too will defend

The widow and the fatherless.

His love is my strength.

He carries me through ill.

I will fight for what is right

And fear no evil.

The weak triumphant

August 27th

Back off ! You cowards,

Mistreating the elderly.

They have a mighty champion

To defend them.

You work for filthy lucre,

But justice will prevail.

One poor woman, with friends around

Will crush you where you stand.

As Joan of Arc she will prevail

And chase you from the land.

You comporate orcs

Will be thrown back

Before the shining ones

Your plots upon you will recoil

Broken will be your guns.


August 28th

When the chips are down

And all looks bad

My God is still beside me.

When the clouds are dark

And the shadows come,

My God is still beside me.

When the sun does shine

And I feel fine

My God is still beside me.

The changing mood matters not

For He is still beside me.

The shadow of death hangs over me,

My God is still beside me.

'Tis a shadow only

But when death comes

My God is still beside me.

He has been this way

And conquered,

My God is still beside me.

Through every danger

Fear and doubt,

My God is still beside me.

Divine lover

August 29th

He is nearer than breathing

Closer than our blood.

The divine lover

Of my soul.

He is faithful and true


The divine lover of my soul.

He will never fail me

As an earthly friend might do

The divine lover of my soul.

In love he sweeps me into

His everlasting arms,

The divine lover of my soul.

Wrestling with the mobile

August 30th

What a sight !!

For teenage eyes,

Three ladies of a "certain" age,

Comparing mobile phones.

Wrestling with the problem

Of whether they were off or on.

One with a basic model,

One with a touch pad,

The other somewhere in between.

They swapped numbers but did not manage

To get a message across

The courtyard table,

Where they sipped a cappuchino each

And ate a toasted tea cake.

Phones soon forgotten it was off by the sea for a walk.

A lazy bank holiday in England.

The last day of August

August 31st

The last day of August

Opens bright and fair.

There is mist along the river

And crows call in the air.

Our summer days are waning

But Autumn's often fair.

We will enjoy the sun

Until the trees are bare.

'Tis a time for looking back

O'er the days that have gone before

And step into another month

Leading on through Autumn's door.

I love to hear your comments

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You run us through about every possible emotion with your poems from light fun to important social issues, you are one multifaceted lady! Delightfult!

    • LizMac60 profile imageAUTHOR

      Liz Mackay 

      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      @sheriangell: Thanks Shirl. It is beginning to get easier as I see the law is on the side of the tenants.

    • sheriangell profile image


      8 years ago

      I've enjoyed reading your poems through out the month and am so sorry you are going through this with your land lord. Will include you in my prayers.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      It's always an adventure...discovering new places or old friends ....and taking unfamiliar modes of transportation. Enjoyed the read.

    • LizMac60 profile imageAUTHOR

      Liz Mackay 

      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      @annieangel1: Thanks Ann :D

    • annieangel1 profile image


      8 years ago from Yorkshire, England


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Just wanted you to know that I stopped by again to read your delightful poems. Your daily poem makes a nice journal of your time too! Well done!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Love your rose poem and your beautiful photo of the pink rose. You certainly are dedicated to your poems....5 months Way to go!!


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