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A poem for every day in July

Updated on April 4, 2015

My poems written in July

I'm now into the fourth month of my challenge to write a poem every day for a year. So far it has been an interesting journey for me. I just write as the fancy takes me and do not worry about fancy names for the forms used. I like the freedom to just wander as I will, although I have used the framework of rhyme more and more. I hope you will journey with me and enjoy my varied thoughts

The photo is mine.

1 July song

July already,

How time does fly

And light starts to fade

From the evening sky.

Soon comes the harvest

With berries so bright

To feed us well

And fill us with fight.

The sun shines on

To brighten our days.

The morning wakes

To a misty haze.

The sun starts to make

It's way to the South,

Leading us ever

Into the night's dark mouth.

But stop all this talk

Of winter and fall.

The summer's still young,

Let's enjoy it all.

2 Conflict

A rising tide of light

Floods through my early morning window.

The sun bids me rise

To the new day's toil.

Oh sun why are you so merciless?

I wish to slumber still,

But you shout at me through the lattice

And chase my dreams of denial away.

O peace! Why do you clamour at my eyelids?

Will you never let me be?

What is it to you if I sleep till noon?

But you will not be gain said.

You will have your way

And I must rise to meet the day.

3 Summer sun

The summer sun is glowing

And cheering us each day

We love the way it transforms our lives,

Encouraging us on our way.

But now, of course, we're contrary

We think we need the rain.

We're always like this in Britain.

We really are a pain.

We're never satified

With what we are given.

There's always something else we want.

By what are we driven?

So please enjoy the sunshine

While you have it here.

The rain will surely come again

And stay for half the year.

4 For my love

A poem my love I bring to you,

A poem my love I sing to you.

For you are faithful

For you are kind

Your feet are swift,

Like the lithesome hind.

You showed your love for me

Came from above for me.

Holy, yet came for my sin

Died on a cross for me

Bringing me back to thee,

Making the way back to God.

Back from the paths of sin,

Bringing my soul back in,

Into your presence divine.

I don't deserve you Lord,

But you preserve me Lord.

I am wrapped in your love, my Lord.

Jesus, best lover

Died my sins to cover.

Wraps me around with his love.

Why should I complain I am lonely and sad?

Why should I ever want to be bad?

When this glorious one is ever beside me

Closer than breathing

Close as could be.

5 Last enemy

The shimmering sea

Calls out to me,

To launch in search of my love.

The boat rocks on the tide

And here is my guide

To take me safe over to him.

He has sent me this barque,

He has sent me this guide,

I can trust him fully

As I ride on the tide.

The sea may be choppy,

The sea may be rough,

But his promise holds,

For me that's enough.

He'll take me safe over

Though the seas roll and rage.

I will arrive safely

I'm writ clear on his page.

The page of his book,

The Lamb's Book of Life.

I'll join him in glory

With the church, his dear wife.

So roll at my feet Jordan,

Roll at my feet,

Your purpose to take me

My Saviour to meet.

The Saga of Amalie

6 A dry and thirsty land


A rocky landscape

In an arid land

Bleak and dry

Sun-drenched and bland.

Nothing for miles

But barren rocks.

Red and bleak

That at your life mocks.

Don't get caught here

Without any water

Or you'll never see your son again

Or even your daughter.

This is no place

For a man to be,

It's a hard cruel land,

I'll not go there, not me.

But you if you must,

Make provision first,

Or you'll not last the trip

And you'll die of thirst.

For this land is cruel

And bitter and mean

It's the most desolate place

I have ever seen.

Come, will you not stay

By the fountains clear.

Here where you are known

By your folk so dear.

Put out of your head

This terrible quest.

Come lie by my side

You know that is best.

But he turned a deaf ear

To her pleading request

He had to be gone,

He had to go west.

7 The rover

Oh, my man has gone a-roving,

I shall never see him more

For he is in the wild lands

And oh, I miss him sore.

Those lands are wild and treacherous,

They will surely eat him whole

And I'll be left a widow,

A comfortless soul.

Why is my man so full

Of wanderlust and greed?

When I am all he ever wanted

Fulfilling every need.

My anger rises from my heart,

That he should be such a fool

To go where lands are dangerous,

To leave my gentle rule.

8 A decision

My heart is in my mouth,

My head is filled with fears.

I wring my hands in anguish,

I've cried buckets full of tears.

My heart is filled with anger

That he should leave me so,

To face the daily drudgery.

Why did he have to go?

His head is full of mystery

And challenge and delight.

While I sit here alone,

Mine is a sorry plight.

I'm lonely as an ostrich,

With its head stuck in the sand.

He needn't think I'll wait here,

Awaiting his command.

I once lived in the city,

Had a happy life.

He needn't think I'll wait here

Just because I am his wife.

He said he did not know

Just how long he'd be.

He needn't think I'll wait here

While he's across the sea.

I'll pack my bags this instant

Catch the next camel train.

All my loving of him

Has been in vain.

A fire burns vicious in my heart

And burns up all my love.

I turn my back upon him

I'm no passive dove.

If he can turn his back on me

with facile parting speech,

I'll make my way to Spain again,

Work by a golden beach.

My spirits lift at this resolve

I rue the day I met him.

While he's on his mad adventure

I'll also take this one whim.

Yes, life it's for the living,

I will wait no more.

If he returns to see me

He'll find a fast locked door.

Oh I will go a-roving too,

On better shores than these

He chose to go, to leave me

Now I myself will please.

9 Regrets

She arrived at the shore

And her spirits were high.

She felt in control,

She didn't need a guy.

She was strong,

She could work all day

Provide for herself alone,

Get plenty of pay.

So she switched off the memories

Of him who had departed,

Tossed her dark hair,

Carried on as she had started.

She would be free of him

And his wild talk

Of mountains and mysteries,

Lands of granite, stone and chalk.

So she sailed for Spain

With her last small hoard of money,

Found some work in an orange grove,

In that land oh so sunny.

But still through her mind

Crept in unwanted themes,

Of the man who had loved her,

Before he had schemes.

The days spent in his company

Joyfully rang

Through her tortured brain

She felt such a pang.

They had been so happy,

Quite blissful in fact.

So what had happened?

What had their marriage lacked.

She had tried to please him

In every way.

Perhaps tried too hard.

Well, he had gone away.

So she cried on her pillow,

That first night in Spain

And vowed she would never

Get married again.

10 New beginnings

Life settled down

To a comfortable lilt.

She saw plenty of folk

Some good friendships built

She told of the man

She had loved and lost,

Said how her freedom

Was worth the cost.

But a tear in her eye

Belied what she said.

Inwardly she wondered

"Is he alive or dead?"

When alone at night often

To the sky she would look

And wonder if he saw the same stars

On the road he took.

Or had he gone farther

To distant domains,

To lands that were cold,

Had persistent rains.

A month passed by

Then she realised inside

Was the hope of new life.

It could not be denied.

Her feelings were very mixed.

Why should it be now?

She would soon have to leave her job.

How would she survive? How?

She kept at her work

While the babe inside grew

Still not knowing

What she would do.

She went to her work

In the orange grove shady.

There she heard tell of

A highborn lady.

A lady with child

Who would need a wet nurse.

Amalie realized

This could well fill her purse.

She washed and she dressed

As smartly as she could,

Went to the grand house

In the dark wood.

Such a wood she thought

Her man would have been drawn to.

It was hard not to think of him

When within her his child grew.

She had always wanted a child,

A son by her side.

She would bring him up well

Always with her to bide.

11 A new friendship

She came to the great door

And pulled on the bell.

She was sent round the back

The housekeeper to tell.

A message was sent

To the lady high.

Soon she was called

To a room domed neath the sky.

The lady was gentle

The lady was sweet

She lived in seclusion

In solemn retreat.

Amalie curtsied

And showed great respect.

Here was her chance

To keep her life from being wrecked.

The lady took to her.

Her name was Rosa.

And sweet indeed she was,

As sweet as mimosa.

They took to each other

Like strawberries and cream.

Amalie was taken on,

She felt like a queen.

She felt such relief

With the future secured.

Rosa wanted her there at once,

She would not be deterred.

So Amalie sent for

Her small pack of clothes

And settled down

In an attic repose.

12 Getting to know one another

Rosa's man was a merchant

Who sailed the Seven Seas.

Amalie wondered

At Rosa's lack of ill-ease.

She seemed quite content

That her man should be gone,

In dangerous seas battling,

Her sea captain Don.

He brought silks and laces

To keep her dressed fine.

Don Miguel his name,

For him she did not pine

She knew her place in life

Was to accept what came by.

She placidly waited his return

With no thought of "Why?"

So Amalie with wonder

Watched her mistress new

As they spent hours together

And their friendship grew.

Amalie was now a companion

Not just a waiting wet-nurse.

The bond grew stronger

Her fears began to disperse.

13 The courtyard

Where Amalie lived now

There was a courtyard fair

Where fountains played

And perfume of orange blossom filled the air

The sound of the water

Was soothing and calm

Like a thrush's sweet song,

Like a healing balm.

When Amalie was distressed

She would go here to sit.

Or she would walk up and down

Until she felt fit.

Fit to get on with her life

Which now seemed so set,

Set sure and secure

As good as she could get.

But a doubt still lingered

In her mind.

Still she had thoughts ,

Of the man left behind.

When he returned home

And found the place bare,

Would he pine for her,

Or just not care?

She had loved him so much

When first they had met.

"Why did it all go wrong?"

Was her regret.

14 A rest from Amalie

Just a little poem

To bring to you today,

Just a little poem

To help us on our way.

Short and sweet

And simple.

My, your face is so cute

With that dimple.

I need a rest

From my friend Amalie

But she still creeps in

As you can see.

While she's in the sun,

We have rain here today,

For which we are thankful

Thus grows the sweet hay.

15 Sleeping muse

When my muse is asleep

In Morpheus arms deep,

What can I say to you?

How enthrall you?

I just have to mark time

Till the rhyme sublime

Comes to me again

For you comes again.

So stay waiting with me

For the muse again will be

At my side in the morn

Inspiring in the morn.

16 The saga continues

Summer passed

And rain swept in from the Atlantic.

Amalie's time drew near

Rosa became quite frantic.

She had never known her mother

Who had died while giving birth.

Rosa feared for Amalie,

It robbed her of all mirth.

But Amalie was young and strong

And took things in her stride.

A fine healthy boy she had,

She held him with such pride.

His cry was strong and lusty

He let the world know he was there.

Amalie held him gently to herself

With Rosa her joy did share.

About three weeks later

Rosa's time then came.

Despite her fears she soon gave birth

To a little girl, Annabel by name.

17 The God who can do anything, but fail

This poem is not part of the Amalie saga. I just needed a break from that and this is what resulted. Remember I was writing a poem a day for a year, so a little variety was needed.

Is anything too hard for God?

He's the one who raised the mountains

And put the seas in place

The one who made waterfalls and fountains

And flung the stars into space.

He's the one who made our bodies

Which work in a wonderful way,

Each organ helping the other

In wondrous interplay.

And so this God can do anything

To help you on your way.

Nothing is too hard for him

Trust in him now, today.

18 The home coming

Continuing the Amalie saga.

The girls with their babies

Were merry and bright.

Laughter rang through the house

From morn till night.

Then one day Rosa said

"Tell me chief Overseer,

How long is it since your master left ?"

"Why mistress," he replied

It's time he was here."

So great were the preparations

To greet the master home.

Such cooking went on

Such decorating of the dome.

The babies grew chubby

Annabel had pride of place.

The master was coming

See the surprise upon his face.

A watch was kept from the western tower

To see where the master came,

Riding in power.

His men by his side

In glittering array

With many mules laden

With treasures from the bay.

The day came when the watchman cried

The girls hurried to the tower

Looked where pointed by their guide.

The flags were all flying,

Spears glistening in the sun

"Hurray," rang out,

"The master is come."

Such clatter of horses,

Such braying of mules.

Such kisses for Rosa,

And also some jewels.

19 Dark clouds gathering

Amalie came forward

with Annabel held out

handed her to Rosa

Who showed with no doubt.

But black Don Miguel's face.

He had been gone a year

"But the baby's three month's old, my love,"

Said Rosa in fear.

He questioned the doctor

Of the time the babe was born.

Rosa meantime felt wretched, forlorn.

How could he doubt her

When she had been such a good wife?

What shame she felt

Her heart felt as if pierced by a knife.

Amalie tried to console her,

Spoke of men's stupid ways,

Told her he would calm down again,

In the next few days.

Meanwhile Rosa was confined to her room,

While the man investigated

The fruit of her womb.

He was not very impressed

That Annabel was a girl.

The air was black

With the insults he would hurl.

Poor Rosa quite innocent

Grew thin and pale,

Began to realise the problem was

She had not produced a male.

20 Going out not knowing where

The morning came

Don Miguel burst in

Declared Rosa must leave

Because of her sin.

Amalie caught up her possessions

Placed the babes on a mule

In pannier baskets

Shaded to keep them cool.

Rosa was allowed

To take her own horse.

They set out at once,

Not sure of their course.

Rosa's heart was broken

To be treated so.

Amalie remained stoical

Did not give in to woe.

By midday they had reached

A village ten miles away,

Decided this would do

As a place to stay.

The villagers were compassionate

And took them in.

Knowing the wiles of men

That you can't always win.

Rosa was ashen pale

And full of fear

How would they fare?

Were they safe here?

Amalie fed the babes and lay down to rest,

Pondered on a course of action,

It was quite a test.

The villagers thought they should

Go further away

For fear Don Miguel should come looking for them

If they should stay.

They housed them that night

And fed them well,

Then sent them away

With a glass ball and a bell.

The bell would ring

To warn them of danger.

The glass ball would show

The approach of a bad stranger.

They thanked them for their kindness

and went on their way,

Hoping to find shelter,

By the end of the day.

21 The journey continues

Rosa's spirits were low.

It made Amalie cross.

She couldn't bear all the burden

Of carrying their loss.

She spoke up sharply,

Said,"Rosa be strong,

Your babe needs you now

Or we'll not last long.

I need you to help me

This trouble to bear.

And everything now

We must learn to share."

Rosa with great effort

Straightened her back

And offered the horse to Amalie

While she walked the track.

Amalie was tired

And gratefully agreed

She needed her strength

The babies to feed.

Walking brought colour

Back to Rosa's cheeks

She lifted her eyes to the distant peaks.

"Why,Amalie," she cried

"I know this place.

The convent's not far

If we keep up this pace."

"What convent?" asked Amalie.

"Where I went to school.

They have gardens there

And a fountain cool.

The sisters will take us in.

We can work for our food,

From morning till night.

The sisters are good."

What relief and joy flooded

Through her face.

To think she was the one

To find them a place.

They strode out hopefully

with joy in their hearts

Knowing that refuge

Could be found in these parts.

22 Refuge in sight

"Well done!" said Amalie,

"Now you're playing your part."

They travelled happily

Feeling in good heart.

By a brook they stopped

At noon that day,

Ate the food they had been given,

Watched the farmer's make hay.

They took in the scene

Of beauty all around,

Began to relax

Now a solution seemed found.

Their meal revived them

The steeds enjoyed the rest,

Cropped grass from the roadside

Were renewed with zest.

The babies contented

Slept, blissfully unaware

Of the trauma their mothers'

Had to bear

With energy renewed

They set out again,

Climbed up a steep hill

Gasped at the beautiful terrain.

A long green valley

Lay below

With fields well tended

Where lush crops did grow.

And there on the hill

Stood a little white church

With buildings around.

They had no need to search.

For this was the convent

Of which Rosa had spoken,

Come sooner than she had thought.

She felt cheered though her heart still felt broken.

She was sure they would be welcome

And find here a home.

She would happily work here

And till the fine loam.

They quickened their pace

As they went down the hill

The little bell rang

To warn them of ill.

23 A mixed reception

"Why surely," cried Rosa,

"There can be no danger here.

The nuns are so good,

I can sense no fear."

"Maybe," said Amalie

"It is just the roughness of the road."

And so they continued onward

As if coaxed by a goad.

They came through the gateway

And to the yard strode,

Took the horse and the mule to water,

They were tired from the road.

The little babes awoke

And were lifted up

By the two young mothers

Who shared this strange cup.

An officious, bustling nun

Came hurrying out,

Saw them there

Began to shout.

Rosa looked up

Very near to tears

This was not the welcome she had expected

After all her childhood years.

But thankfully Sister Peter came

And gave Rosa a hug.

She told Sister Charity

This was an old pupil.

Sister Charity gave a shrug.

She walked away

and left Sister Peter there,

Who listened to their story

And then did declare.

"But you must come in

with us to sup.

You must be very tired,

Come and drink a cup.

You shall eat and drink

And have a night's rest,

Then Mother Superior will see you

In the morning, I think that is best."

To Continue Amalie's Saga

Go to this link Amalie's Saga continues here On my September poems' page.

24 Wan and pale

And so for a while

I'm feeling wan and pale.

I've had too much food

And found perhaps it was stale.

I'm weak and weary

No Amalie today,

But soon you'll discover

What she and Rosa have to say.

25 In praise of DEdgar's poetry

My Amalie saga was originally inspired by poems by D Edgar Lamp. He wrote of a man going off on a journey of derring do. I wondered how his wife would feel and so was born the saga of Amalie.

What an elegant poet you are

With such a turn of phrase,

Such similes and metaphor,

You have all my praise

My work is sparse and plain

Beside your sumptuous verse.

Each line a veritable feast,

Each phrase an opulent purse.

Each subject you address

Is stated and amply expressed.

You amaze with each turn of events

Within each line compressed.

As you see I am greatly smitten,

As I read each line you have written,

So keep on writing your poems,

They fit me like a mitten."

26 Righting a wrong

When a wrong is in sight

Fight for the right

Battle on with all your might

Don't give in

That would be a sin,

Fight to win.

When others are in a plight

You need all your might

To fight for the right.

Call on God's aid

For you will never be paid

It has to be said.

The battle may seem tough

But you have to give enough

Though it seems so rough.

If God is on your side

Opposition woe betide

We're not here for the ride.

Win we will,

We'll climb this hill

Of victory have the fill.

27 Death shall not conquer

Caressing past me

The cool breeze,

Lost in the trees,

While birds chirrup,

Softly ticks the clock.

Time is passing

I cannot slow it,

Onward marching,

Wrinkles bestowing.

Time withers me outwardly,

Inwardly I am young

And vital.

Death shall not conquer

More than just my flesh

28 Murder and mayhem

What sweet brightness

Marred by that horrid darkness.

But it was only her body he could crush.

Her spirit freed

From the uselessness he made of her body,

Winged its way

To the the final bright abode.

Nestling into the Father's

Welcoming arms.

You must go on

Without her beside you.

But your journey each day,

Will take you nearer

To the blessed and inevitable reunion.

May your grief be tempered

By this final reality,

The assurance of another meeting.

29 Unwinding

The still of night

Gently broken by an occasional late car,

With only a ripple of sound

Reaching above the stillness

A time for quiet reverie.

A time for thinking of the past day.

Moments of calm after the tension

Of the day's happenings.

And then comes sleep,

Great mystery of our life,

When the brain untwists

The twining and looping

Which our life brings.

A labyrinth to be explored

And made sense of,

Before the dawn arrives,

When the tortuous process

Begins again.

30 Let your talent out

To conjure up a poem

Every day

Is a happy way

To spend the time

Drawing on life's experience

As I go.

It really does show

What a lot of poems are hidden there inside.

If I did not write each day

Many poems would slip away

Into obscurity,

Never see the light of day

Be lost forever.

31 The last day of July

And so I come to the end of July,

Thirty one poems is my supply.

And journey on I hope to do,

My year-long challenge to pursue.

Come join me in this blithesome quest.

I hope my poems are of the best.

If not I beg your pardon,

Go feast your eyes in the garden.

For I will still write on,

Until the challenge is done.

Do make a comment here, if you so wish

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    • profile image

      Surabhi Kaura 

      3 years ago


    • LizMac60 profile imageAUTHOR

      Liz Mackay 

      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      @lesliesinclair: Thanks for your visit.

    • lesliesinclair profile image


      6 years ago

      From first to lastI read it allFilled with stimand having a ball.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Returning here near the end of JulyAnother year has flown byHolding your poems, fresh as that roseTime for new angel dust, I suppose....Death Shall Not Conquer is speaking some important truth to me right now. thank you for this time of refreshment!

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      Thank you for such a heart warming original lens. I am truly enjoying my visit to the poetry section today.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Its again the first of July,My how the time seems to flySeems it has passed me bySigh.............Delightfully done once again Liz!

    • LizMac60 profile imageAUTHOR

      Liz Mackay 

      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      @costumesngifts: Thanks for your encouraging words. I'm still going strong in October. I really enjoy writing and having a kind word from someone else is a welcome bonus.

    • costumesngifts profile image


      8 years ago

      kudos to you for being able to stick to your commitment of writing one poem a day! and doing so for so many months now. Very inspiring! I think I love Unwinding the most - the poem (especially the last stanza) brings out vivid imageries in my head.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I was hoping for a birthday message on the 7th - On second thoughts you may be speaking for someone else. See how arrogant I am. Well done in coming up with such good and varied poems consistently.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I went into Guestbook and changed the settings so I don't have to approve them, but your message still hasn't shown up.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I admire the way you continue with your poem a day! Keep up the good work...very enjoyable.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      "FOR MY LOVE" A beautiful prayerful song!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Summer Sun reminds me of an old saying, "As a rule, man's a fool. When it's hot, he wants it cool. When it's cool, he wants it hot. Always wanting what is not." Enjoy the sunshine!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I just changed your link on my site so it will take viewers to every day in JULY rather than every day in JUNE. And wow...I've just been exploring your daughter's VAST creative world. She's incredible!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Yes...enjoy it all! Month number 4...excellent. Keep it up.


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