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A Poem for Every Day in June

Updated on September 6, 2014

And So We Come To The Beginning of June and a New Lens for my Poems

I hope this journey is as enjoyable for you as it is for me. I am still only at the beginning of my challenge to write a poem for every day of the year. I started on April 7th 2010 and you can find links to my other two lenses below. It's really fun for me to do this and I never know what topic I am going to pick until I put pen to paper. For poetry I always like to write with pen and paper first, whereas with my lens A thought for each day, I work at the computer, but of course this is prose.

A Fern

1 The secretive fern

Fern fronds held tightly

Like the fingers of a little child

Keeping a secret within.

Furry fronds, green and splendid

Are you keeping a secret from us

In those tightly curled fingers?

When I have passed

Will you uncurl and reveal

What you are hiding?

Only to recoil, if I turn back.

2 The man of God

When Elijah came to Zarephath

He saw a piteous sight,

A widow woman picking up sticks

With which a fire to light.

A fire to cook a one last meal,

For her and her little son.

When they had eaten that

Their days would soon be done..

But Elijah came,

The man of God

Who declared her ingredients would not run out

Till it rained upon the sod.

She trusted he was right

And fed him from that night.

The flour and oil was there daily

Each day they ate their fill

With flour not from the mill.

But her little son then died,

Elijah to his God cried,

"Have mercy on this woman Lord"

The child revived at Elijah's word.

We would wish for such a miracle,

But we do not live in that time.

But God is still as loving

As He was in the time of this rhyme.

Trust in the Lord

With all your heart,

He'll bring you through the blast.

His purposes may seem difficult for you,

Trust, all will be well at last.

Story from the Bible I Kings 17: 7 - 24

3 Sun rise, sun set

The sun rises in the east

To wake the sleeping earth.

He sends dawn ahead of him

To wake earth's slumbering girth.

'Tis then the fluttering birds

Greet him with their chatter.

The milkman delivers the milk to the shop

Making such a clatter.

Day has come, work must be done.

The cars in endless stream

Pass up the street and join the bustle

Under the sun's bright gleam.

We battle on and then grow tired,

The sun descends in the west.

We travel home to wife and family,

Glad to find our rest.

A month of poems

By their very nature these poetry lenses start off small and grow daily. I am finding this task an immense pleasure and in no way a chore. I hope you enjoy my poems too. I usually write them in the evening and add them next morning. When I began this challenge I wrote several poems on one day fearing the muse would leave me, but now I find no problem in writing one at a time daily. If I had not challenged myself I would have missed out on a lot of pleasure. Is there some challenge you should take on? Go on go for it.

4 The mystery of sleep.

Sleep is a mystery,

A mystery so deep.

The brain becomes like tangled wool,

It's sorted out by sleep.

The troubles of the day

Unravel in the night.

What worried in the day,

In sleep is soon put right.

That's why we say,

"I'll sleep on it."

The magic churning over night,

Puts all in perspective bit by bit.

So sleep your charming sleep,

That healing balm.

The things which stirred you up by day

Will soon be turned to calm.

The Moorhen

5 The curious Moorhen

The moorhen with her chicken feet

Glides along the surface of the canal

And comes to take a closer look

At land locked humans on the tow path.

She turns her head

And shows a beady eye,

Displaying her comical red nose.

Her wings are folded

Up against her tail,

As she poses for the camera.

What goes on in that little brain?

What does she think of us?

She is watching us

Watching her.

No doubt bread is not far from her mind.

6 Drifting colour

Bluebells, bladder campions and thrift,

Drifting down to the ocean.

Swathing the cliffs most gloriously,

In Springtime jocundity.

You look lemming-like,

Crowding to descend.

Rippling like waves

In the gusting wind.

Do you know what joy you bring us

As you bloom so fair?

Taking away our worries.

Removing all our care.

7 I love my love

I love my love,

Because he first loved me;

Loved me so much

He went to that tree.

"What tree ?" you say

For you know it as a cross.

For me he went

And took on loss.

"For you?" you say,

"But what of me?"

Oh you are included

Should you choose to be.

He came for the lost

The sad and the poor;

Not the ones who are proud

They get shown the door.

But the humble may come

And find they are blessed;

But not the high and mighty

They don't find such rest.

But if you are stumbling

Along life's way

There's a hand there to help you

Get through each day.

A hand that is steady

One you can trust.

A rescue that is ready

But trust you must.

8 I told you

I told you June

Would be cold and wet.

Now it's happened

Do you feel upset?

The first week was warm,

With plenty of sun,

Now the rain has come

And spoit our fun.

But the farmers are pleased

To have rain on their crops,

The trouble is

Once it starts it never stops.

To balance the weather

To please everyone

Is really quite tricky

It can hardly be done.

We hope for more sunshine

to cheer us each day.

When the farmers have had their rain

In the sun they can make hay.

9 Flynn_the_cat

Have you ever come across

Flynn the cat?

Art is where she's really at.

With fantasy figures she fills the page.

How great is her talent?

Very high I would gauge.

Her talent is great

I'm sure you'll agree,

When you look at this squidoo lens

See "Earth and Sea"

Just look how sea

Gathers herself to descend,

While Earth perches waiting

To her power to bend.

And that blue-eyed girl

Has a meaningful look

Measuring you up,

To see if you dare

To look back at her

With her eyes oh so blue.

I tell you look out,

If she's staring at you.

What joy comes from

Seeing such talent on show.

It's really a treat

To see something so neat.

Here's to you Flynn the cat

Long may you flourish

Practise your art

Our minds to nourish

10 A little ditty

Here's a little ditty

As it would be a pity,

If I broke this chain,

Through the year.

So I need to write a poem

While I'm still sitting home,

Before I go out to meet a friend.

My daily poem's here,

There is no need to fear,

That inspiration will run dry

For one more day I've done

what really is quite fun,

To write a poem daily through the year.


11 Cold winds

'Tis June again

And cold winds blow.

'Tis raining still,

It looks like snow

Well not quite that bad

But we're full of woe.

We like the sun

To shine on us,

With skies of blue,

We like it thus.

But rain is needed

For the crops.

Not a huge deluge,

Just some drops.

We always moan

In England where we bide.

The weather's never right

We're never satisfied


12 Poppy

Beautiful, flambuoyant poppy,

Blazing with colour.

Used rightly

You relieve our pain

Used wrongly

you become our bane

Such beauty

Shining from your face

Upon your stem

You stand with grace.

You fill our garden

With such splendour

Standing tall

In joy so tender.

We love to see you standing bright

Giving joy from morn till night.

Rushing river

13 From brown to white

Lovely rushing river,

Beauteous in your flight,

Speeding down the valley,

What a glorious sight.

Dashing oe'r the weir

Turned from brown to white

In your seaward journey,

Sending back the light.

Froth and bubble

Glorious surge,

Sounding forth your power

Singing out your dirge.

An ant

14 Foraging

Little ant where did you come from

To be up this bush so tall?

Will you find your way home safely,

Or will you take a fall?

The flower sweet sustains you,

Providing all you need.

Will you find a greenfly,

On this handsome weed.

As you pose for this photo

You do not understand

Just how famous you will be,

Far beyond this land.

15 On such a night

A silver sliver of a moon

Hangs in the western sky,

Reflecting the sun's last rays

As dark clouds the northern sky dye.

'Tis night in the cloud

But the moon sits in the dusk.

A single star is poised above,

The moon like an elephant's tusk,

An ivory crescent

Holding back the night,

As the ominous clouds

Threaten with all their might.

The night will come

But the moon will shine,

I will lie in your arms

And you in mine.

16 Love song

What words shall I choose

To tell you of my love?

Are any good enough

To express how I feel, my dove?

For you my mind have captured

I am imprisoned in your snare.

For other things I care not,

You are all my care.

I cannot keep my mind

On more parochial things

Of you alone I think

For you alone my heart sings.

And yet I know

The rose-tinted specs

Are firmly on my nose.

Are you really a thistle, I see,

Or as I hope, the rose?

17 Never friend so true

"Where can I find a friend?" you ask,

"To be with me and share my task."

"Where a friend who will constant be

Stay beside me constantly?"

Humans are all fickle and frail

Promising much, meaning well.

But there's only one

You can fully trust,

Jesus by name,

Child of the dust.

Child of the dust,

He will stay beside you

Till eventide,

From mornings dew.

He constant is

Nor turns away.

If you want a friend

He'll with you stay.

He will take your burden,

Your guilt, your woe

And give you love

That will make you glow.

He paid a heavy price

To set you free,

Now enjoy this freedom

Be filled with glee.

18 When the muse is around the corner

I sit poised at my keyboard to write a poem.

I have no idea what my subject will be.

I sit here between fear and anticipation

Waiting for the muse to move me.

I send a little prayer heavenward

For something to write,

I hope it will be good,

I want to delight.

Day after day I try to write,

Perhaps my muse is tired

Fed up with the fight

Going to leave me uninspired.

If that is the case I must

Continue by craft,

I ought to be able,

I'm not really daft.

Keep writing words

and never give in,

I have only eleven months to go.

To give up on this challenge

Would be a great sin.

The muse with me sometimes

For the rest I'll fill in.

The year soon will go

I know I can win.

19 Summer confidence

The gentle breeze of summer

Is caressing the honeysuckle,

Which grows in profusion

On the trellis below my window.

The birds cheep merrily,

Young life venturing forth.

People fetch their bread and milk

From the little country shop.

And this will be a merry day,

I feel it in my bones.

With confidence I look up

Where the king of kings reigns.

20 Science not infallible

Scientifically it's said

The bumblebee cannot fly.

And yet I see it merrily buzzing by.

Scientists often say

"We thought this ten years ago,

But now we know it isn't so."

There are many wonders in science,

It has to be said,

But you can't trust everything they say,

You have to use your head.

I believe my Bible

With its wonders unexplained.

In believing it I find

There is very much to be gained.

21 Poorly

This weekend

I've been feeling ill,

I've even had to take a pill.

Poems don't come easily

When you're feeling weasily.

But try I must to fill the page,

Or I won't be earning my wage.

But now I feel I've said enough

As I am still feeling rough.

22 Day break

Dawn breaks golden in the East,

The western sky gives back an answering blush,

Day has begun

The birds they will not hush.

Man strangely still sleeps on,

His daily task not yet begun.

His time will come

To hurry and to run.

The hills are clad in trees of blue,

The sun rises up and comes in view.

Another joyous day begins

The earth upon its axis spins.

And I am glad this day has come,

For I shall see my beloved one.

Nor shall he know that it is he,

My heart sings for and longs to see.

My secret love shall remain so

I do not wish to cause him woe.

From a distance I will admire,

Write songs for him upon my lyre.

23 Love in the evening of my days

When days are short

And life has been long

Still the heart sings

Its poignant song.

The heart is young

And still it sings.

A song of my love

Through my heart rings.

Tho' time is fleeting

And the night long

Still my heart sings

Its sweet, tender song.

For you inspire me

With love and devotion.

I may grow old and weary

But still I feel emotion.

I feel I am young

As I sing this tune.

My heart beats a little quicker

In this summer month of June.

I could not love you more

Were I but three and twenty.

You will find of my love

There is a-plenty.

I love you from a distance

And love you well.

I cannot come nearer,

My love to you tell.

Enjoy the sweet life

Which you have built.

Just give me your friendship

Then I'll feel no guilt.

Nor ever yet

Set eye on this page.

My love shall be discreet

Nor parade on a stage.

24 Morning

The morning calls me to arise

They tell me this should make we wise,

Except I went to bed quite late

Then I had to get up,

I could not wait.

My heart o'er flows

With love for you

I wish you well

My love is true.

The selfishness in me

Wishes always to be with you,

But you are loved by another,

A gentle maid

Is your true lover.

I would not part you

If I could

T'would be a crime

It really would.

She loves you true

I see 'tis so,

And you are happy,

Free from woe.

And so alone I dwell

Content to know

That all with you is well.

25 A simple solution

And so my love

My passion settles down

And my true love for you,

Resigns me

to love you from afar.

Although I do come near you,

Share your space,

Yet I will never reach out

With grasping arm,

To take you for my own.

For I would rather be your friend.

For friendship is most precious

And stands aside

From complicating ardour,

Is simple, strong and lasting.

This is worth striving for;

Worth reining in these rages of desire.

26 Friendship

The morning comes

And I must take my pen

To write again,

Of loves that I have lost

And one I have not gained.

It seems to me

Platonic friendship

Is a wondrous thing

With little lost

And so much gained.

Companionship and laughter

And all things cosy,

Are in that word

summed up.

Friends do not ask too much

Of one another,

But make allowances

For each peccadillo.

Do not demand constant company

But part a little

In perfect harmony.

A married couple

Make each other mad with familiarity

Whilst friends agree to part a while

Returning to each other

With renewed interest.

So give me friendship

Every time

And I will smile to meet you

Once again

And long enjoy

The sweetness of your company.

Pale pink rose

27 Rose coloured spectacles

Take off those rose coloured spectacles,

He's just another man

With socks to wash

And meals to cook for

And to encroach on your half of the bed.

But those rose-coloured spectacles

Are such fun

They fill me with delight.

They bring me a vision

Of make believe

and make me feel so bright.

'Twill end in tears

I tell myself

If I don't get this under control.

So throw those spectacles on the ground

And cast them in that hole.

You can look at him

In the light of day.

He is still that special one.

He is your friend

And that in the end

Is what you really want.

28 Something light

My poems lately

Have been quite heavy.

Now for something light.

A skip, a jump,

A little bump

Would bring relief and be bright.

A skip of the heart, a leap of the mind

Would be most welcome here, I find.

A hop and a leap

Would help me keep,

My brain in a merry wind.

Fresh through the trees

Blows the hill top breeze

So merry my thoughts today.

With a leap and a bound

Such joy can be found

And keep sadness well at bay.

A poem by DEdgarLamp

And my reply. See above for his website "The Daily Poem"

A poem by DEdgarLamp


I'll tell you now just what I want,

The day you find me dead and gaunt,

Go lather up your legs and shave,

And build a dance floor on my grave.

When all the eulogies are said,

And your blue eyes are puffy red,

It's time for you to misbehave,

And build a dance floor on my grave.

Just call the girls to get the guys,

Forget the wherefores and the whys,

Go find yourself a kindly knave,

And build a dance floor on my grave.

I hope the moon is full that night,

(I’ll do my best to time it right),

And you’ll announce my tomb side rave,

And build a dance floor on my grave.

Posted on topic: What I Want

For my wife, Mimi

~ D. Edgar Lamp (Kyrielle)

29 My reply, as from his wife

But what if it my love should be,

That I should die ahead of thee.

Could you with equal happy stance

For love upon my grave now dance.

Knowing that I no longer need

A body which I have to feed.

I am now where all joys enhance

For love upon my grave, now dance.

No longer do I need to weep.

I now know my Lord's love so deep.

So do not look my love askance,

For love upon my grave now dance.

So find your comfort where you must

And always in our Saviour trust

So love, without a backward glance

For love, upon my grave now dance.

30 A gleam of hope

He was sad,

He was lonely.

He had had a hard life.

He had raised two children,

He had lost a wife.

Life had been rough,

Life had been tough.

Now he longed to lie down and rest.

But he could find no peace

He could find no release,

Except in the depths of a bottle.

This now was no friend

He could see no end

To the misery which was his life.

But his mind went back

To his mother's prayers

To the God where she

Would take her cares.

And hope glimmered dimly

In his eye,

He looked heavenward with a sigh.

"May my God have mercy on my soul,

May God take me and make me whole.

Yet there is hope for a broken man,

I will turn to my God as best as I can."

And Hope gleamed again in his eye,

He no longer felt it was time to die.

I love to get feedback

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    • junecampbell profile image

      June Campbell 

      5 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      A poem a day is such a beautiful idea for a lens. The lens is beautiful too, with the gorgeous flower pics.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Once again it June, and your poems are as refreshing as ever, Liz. You are a blessing, and I do believe you know it. ~ Blessing upon you head! :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      What a wonderful gift you give both yourself and the world with your daily poems, you are an inspiration! Beautifully written and a beautiful woman of God.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Beautiful lens...both your poems and images....thanks for sharing....

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 

      7 years ago

      June will be here before we know it - lovely poem a day page, I really enjoy your work. Many thanks -:)

    • Snakesmom profile image


      7 years ago

      What beautiful poetry for June. :) Nice work!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I picked June beacause my birthday is in June. I really ejoyed all of these. I Love My Love is so good and The Man Of God is great a Bible story in a poem. I love it! The ones you and your new friend did are just fantastic. Very lovely, thanks for sharing.


      Robin :)

    • FlynntheCat1 profile image


      7 years ago

      @LizMac60: Ha, yeah - I put your comment in the 'Must go read and respond' list, which inevitably ends up getting lost or forgotten XD

    • LizMac60 profile imageAUTHOR

      Liz Mackay 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      @FlynntheCat1: Lovely to see you here. Glad you found my poem eventually

    • FlynntheCat1 profile image


      7 years ago

      haha, wow thank you :D Glad my art inspired, but now you've made my fingers itch and I must go to bed!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is remarkable ... are there little picture books with these poems by month? That would be a sweet gift idea.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      GLEAM OF HOPE...nice!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      OK Liz...I just started a LENS..."A POEM A DAY FOR A THOUSAND DAYS"

    • LizMac60 profile imageAUTHOR

      Liz Mackay 

      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      @dedgarlamp: If with great words you inspire me

      And passion you fire me.

      'Twill be a treat

      In verse you to greet. So here's to next time. Great knowing you.

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 

      8 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      Oh how neat! I love the duel poems from you and dedgarlamp. Hope to see more!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      What fun: my WHAT I WANT followed by your BUT WHAT IF MY LOVE SHOULD BE. Let's do it again sometime!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for the kind words and the LINK! See you online!!

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 

      8 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      Beautiful love poesm!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      A secret love! How cool.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      It's good to know that "the deep things of God" keep everything working so well.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      74 days and counting...way to go!

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 

      8 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      I like your sun rise-sun set poem. Isn't it fascinating to watch the sunrise and set. Thanks for featuring my Sunrise in Paradise lens.

    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 

      8 years ago from UK

      Keep up the great work! Love the pairing of poetry and images and look forward to seeing more. It's also lovely to know how much you are enjoying this and I imagine you will look back on your project feeling that you gained a great deal from it.

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 

      8 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      I am really enjoying your poetry. Love the secretive fern!


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