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A poem for every day in May

Updated on September 12, 2014

Poems in May

I have challenged myself to write a poem every day for a year. I began on April 7th 2010 and now I am into May. I shall start a new lens each month so that the lenses don't become too unwieldy. I have greatly enjoyed my first month and hope you have too. Now for the start of another month.

All photos on this hub are mine

By the nature of things this starts as a short lens

I hope you will join me each day in May and see how this lens grows with each new poem. I began the challenge on April 7th 2010. So far I have had no real problems in writing a poem each day. There are so many wonderful things to think about in life, that I should have no trouble finding something to write about. I hope you will enjoy the journey as you come along with me.

May days 1.05.10

Now we come to May,

And look for sunny days.

The blossoms glow

Along the bough,

We have the lawn to mow.

How blithe the days

On which we gaze,

So full of warmth and so merry.

Soon flowers will fade

And ripen into berry.

So let us send a thank you prayer

On high to our loving God,

Who gives us all,

Whether or not on Him we call.

Raining in May 2.05.10

Mayday so often wet

In England,

Was the same this year.

But the birds loudly sang

And the bluebells rang,

Enjoying the needed rain.

Our weather is capricious

But therefore never boring,

Anything can happen,

Either temperature soaring.

Or storm clouds lowering.

England is a green and pleasant land.

For this we need rain.

How much more fortunate we are

Than lands afar,

Where rain is scarce.

So do not moan when rain is here,

But enjoy the sun when it shines.

The coolness of the rain

Refreshes the brain

and provides plenty of grain.

The Blackthorn winter 3.05.10

'Tis May

So we think all is

Merry and gay.

But beware!

A pretty white flower

Is here with her dower.

She gives us the blackthorn winter.

Every year I heard my aunt say,

"I hates to see that old flower.

We shall have cold winds now,

Till it drops from the bower.

'Tis the blackthorn winter."

And so it goes each year.

Soon I will be of an age to warn.

" 'Tis the blackthorn winter."

It leaves us forlorn

Till the petals drop.

The blackthorn's other name

Is Mayflower.

What a game,

We never seem to learn

That spring at best is chilly.

Each year we expect blazing sun,

When each year before we have had none.

So beautiful blackthorn

Cheer us with your pristine whiteness.

Even though you bring us cold,

We love to see your brightness.

Soporific 4.05.10

I love my bed,

I come here often,

Even in the middle of the day,

When I need to charge my batteries.

I've always been that way.

But strange to say

I sometimes rise

In the middle of the night.

I can feel quite bright.

I don't let it upset me.

I enjoy a midnight foray.

I read or write

Enjoy the night.

Then go back to bed at four

And sleep till I'm ready

To go out the door.

I have a simple life

So can fit my sleeping in

Just about anywhen

And not get in a spin.

Puzzled 5.05.10

There are so many things about life

That I do not understand.

Why does everything have to go around in circles

In this puzzling land?

Why are there always dishes to wash?

Why should I have another drink of squash,

When it all goes through me?

It all seems pointless to me.

Why do I have to go to bed?

Why do I have to get up?

On and on around and around.

Is it getting me anywhere at all?

I feel like an alien

On this planet,

Where most people seem

To accept the trivial round,

The common task,

But I just ask


I feel it's taken me

A long time to blend in.

Now I am blowing my cover.

Maybe I don't belong,

Maybe my life is a sham.

How did I get trapped in this body,

In this never-ending circle.

Persevere 6.05.10

Whose idea was it anyway

To write a poem every day?

Tonight I'm tired and badtempered.

What sort of mood is that

To compose a verse,

While I sit and nurse

A headache?

But it was your own idea

I sadly fear.

There is no one else to blame,

Don't give up now.

It would be such a shame

To break the thread,

Because you took to your bed.

No, battle on bravely,

Continue the flow

Of quirky details,

Your brain's not slow.

Work on with your pen

To delight the mind

Of those who read

As they follow behind

And see you track

Through varied thought.

They do not wish to find

It will all end in nought.

No forever fight

With wit and word

Even though it seems absurd.

Press on through the days

And weeks and months.

A year will soon pass

The poems you amass

May bring delight.

You may find your pleasure

At reaching that goal will be of such measure

It will make you wish to continue.

Beyond and beyond,

Into the blue of tomorrow.

Election fever 7.05.10

How momentous is an election?

Does it really make any difference?

Is there any difference between the parties?

All that hot air

In the days before.

Do you find it interesting,

Or just a bore?

Do you take those candidates seriously,

Or is it all a sham?

They may speak truth or lies,

But I know who I am.

I place no trust in any of them.

They all can let us down.

They have their own agendas

Whether Cameron, Clegg or Brown.

So I'll not expect much from them

Who ever gets elected.

I'll live my life my way

By my God protected.

My trust is in God,

I know that is the way,

Though problems will come

He will be my stay.

Forward on life's rough road,

With God I will walk tall.

Problems surround me,

He'll see me through them all.

The morning after 8.05.10

And so our funny old electoral system

Delivers a mess,

With the man coming third

Holding the power, no less.

Which bedfellow will he choose?

Will the Tories bend enough

To take on his noose.

Or will it be

A compromise too far,

And will Nick turn then

To Gordon's leading star.

As I've said before

It's academic to me,

I'll follow Him who never let's me down.

That way I shall stay free.

Of course, it matters

Who runs our land.

I'm not that naive.

It's just that this is my stand.

I have other priorities

Than how our country's led.

The spiritual life is more important

And how our souls are fed.

My campaign is to lead people to pray,

To be in touch with God

Every day.

If this was to spread

How blessed our land would be,

Harmony would come,

People would agree.

Is this not a noble wish

for this land of ours?

Walking in the ways of God

Bowing to his power.I

No more of politics 9.05.10

No more of politics I say

We'll let them battle on

While the country's run by the civil service,

Is it all a con?

So no more of politics,

Instead I turn to a greater thing.

Today I lead humble folk

To pray and think and sing.

From the pulpit I will speak

Of the faithfulness of God.

I hope I will speak interestingly,

I don't want them to nod.

It is a great delight to me

To lead them in their prayers,

To show them God as I have known him,

The One who shows He cares.

I'll speak of Jacob,

Trickster and cheat,

Yet God was faithful ever.

No matter how Jacob behaved,

The Lord would leave him never.

If you will put your trust in Him

He will always be beside you.

All through your life and into death,

Whatever may betide you.

Gray days 10.05.10

May, why are you so pale and gray?

The sky bereft of sun today?

But you say,"'Tis England,

Here it is often this way."

North winds do blow

And freeze me so.

"'Tis England, don't you know?"

So winter is back,

I have to wear a mac.

"'Tis England sun we lack."

The heatings back on,

The warmth has gone.

"'Tis England, pullovers don."

How many summers like this must we endure?

Will there ever be a cure,

For England, where hot summers are fewer and fewer?

Cornish waters 11.05.10

Hear the sea water

Slap and slurp

And gurgle amongst the rocks.

Swish and swirl

Rush and hurl

Through this sounding box.

Rugged land of Cornwall.

Strong the people too,

Strengthened through adversity

In this land so true.

See them struggle through the years

Often in the vale of tears.

Fighting on for justice

In this rugged land.

Trelawney's sons

Still fighting on

For justice, jobs and home,

For the young, who else must roam.

And so 12.05.10

And so it's Cameron and Clegg

In tnis dance of politics.

Who will lead and who will follow.

Watch the merry antics?

Will the dance be a fandango

A bolero or a tango?

Will they rule us well,

Do us good, or give us hell?

We will have to wait and see.

We've made our choice.

Now we wait with baited breath

To see what will be done by these two boys.

Clegg has shot to fame

In a meteoric rise.

Will he make good

As his potential suggests

Or will he be cut down to size ?

We wish them all well

And God's speed

As they govern us

Provide what we need.

Holiday weather 13.05.10

Weather is so important to a holiday,

Glorious sunshine makes all things bright

Inglorious rain dampens our spirits.

And so we trudge around the towns,

Looking in shops which have their exact counterparts

Where we live.

We gaze at the leaden water

Filled with bobbing boats.

We retreat to our caravan,

Watch T.V. and read our books.

It is all a plan to make us realize

How good our home is.

School reunion 14.05.10

I return from holiday

And contemplate the evening.

I have a school reunion.

Will I recognise everyone?

Will I recognise anyone?

Will it be embarassing

Or pleasant?

Will they have turned out as expected?

Or will there be some shocks?

Some of these people I have not seen for forty years.

Why do we go to a meeting like this?

Who will be grey

And who highly coloured?

Who will dress up

And who down?

Will there be those

Who want to show off

Their houses and cars

And wonderful children.

I will cap that with,

"Of course my daughter is on Squidoo, you know?"

Who could beat that?

Those who were obnoxious

Will, no doubt still be obnoxious.

The shy ones quiet

And the loud ones loud.

All so easy to see when watching,

But what about me.

What or who am I ?

A lovely day 15.05.10

I found this in an old school magazine. I wrote it when I was fifteen.

A little bee is busy

Buzzing round the flowers,

Collecting all the pollen

Through the sunny hours.

The swallows dip and dive

Up in the bright blue sky.

There they catch a gnat

And sometimes p'rhaps a fly.

The trout in the stream beneath

Swims to and fro

And if you get a bit too close

Off you'll see him go.

The cows browse in the green fields,

The sheep on the hill.

Everywhere you look

Is peaceful and still.

Amazing 16.05.10

Isn't it amazing

One lurches from being

Rushed off one's feet,

To being at a loose end

To know what to do.

Some people rush through life

All the time,

Never stopping,

On and on from one commitment to another.

Others are stolid souls

Who plod continually.

I lurch from one to the other,

Which I suppose is good,

As I get a variety.

100 Lenses and Still Growing 17.05.10

There is a lensmaster

Called meltedrachel

And I think that you will find

She's a most inventive person,

With a most enquiring mind.

She is very good at brain-storming

When given an idea.

Once she gets going

She really gets in gear.

She has many,many lenses

To encourage you to follow her.

She will show you things step by step

Your mind will begin will begin to whirr.

She is the queen of whimsy,

Intriguing things are her delight,

The magical and mystical

The beauteous and the bright.

God's presence 18.05.10

My God I feel your presence

Around me and within.

You are closer than breathing,

Nearer than my blood.

You are the God of eternity

Going on forever like the universe

And inward too within each cell,

Where atoms first were thought to be

The smallest part.

But now we discover there are

Smaller parts within.

And no doubt there is eternity here

Stretching inward.

And so we find we are bound together by eternity.

This is utterly amazing.

As it says in the Good Book,

"In him we live and move and have our being."

Did you know God is so close to you?


The sun turns the oaks

From Spring copper to green.

The leaves stretch out

In glorious Summer sheen.

The sky is cloudy

And sultry the sun's heat.

Soon will come the rain again

Fill the water in the leat.

The gardeners will be happy

To see their gardens grow

And all the plants start flourishing

Each sweet luscious row.

Thriving on trouble 20.05.10

Have you ever met a person

who is always in deep trouble.

Lurching from crisis to crisis

Making everything worse by the double?

And yet they seem to thrive on it

And all the attention gained.

And how they would miss it

If that trouble suddenly waned.

And they like to pull you into it too,

Immerse you in it wholly,

When all you want is a simple life

Quite hum-drum and lowly.

The church organ 21.05.10

My fingers firmly touch

The keys of the church organ.

A powerful chord rings out.

The sleeping pews suddenly awake.

"Is it Sunday already?" they say,

Shocked from their slumbers.

"No," remembers one

"There is a funeral tomorrow,

And a replacement organist has had to be found.

The first choice is in hospital

And the second and third on holiday.

This one is the fourth choice.

At least she has had the sense to practise."

The pedals lie redundant.

The manuals are quite enough for me to manage

I try out the stops

And find a combination I like

"There that will have to do."

I won't be changing stops at any point.

There are levers here for my feet,

I do not know how to use them,

Something to do with changing combinations,

I expect.

Now that I have practised

I am a little less daunted

At the prospect of playing tomorrow.

Dog-sitting 22.05.10

What bliss on a May morning

To awake to sun beyond the hill

And baa-ing sheep in pastures green

And below a sparkling rill.

The birds are singing sweetly,

The day has just begun

And spreading out before me

A day of endless fun.

For they are to be married

Upon this happy day

And I must stay and dog-sit

And go out walking as I may.

With a dog to go along the path

And see the countryside.

O bliss to smell the sweet air

To walk the pastures wide.

Walking in May 23.05.10

Glowing summer sun,

Limpid blue sky,

Breeze freely blowing,

Clouds floating by.

Walking with the dog

Down the country lane,

Breathing fresh, clean air

Let's do it again and again.

Happy days together

With a four-legged friend,

Enjoying the unfolding countryside

Fresh beyond each bend.

Bailed out 24.05.10

Wobsty wobster was my little son's unseen friend.

He was quite naughty.

When we asked who had done some naughty thing

My son would invariably say

Wobsty had done it,

Although he was a pretend friend.

How convenient!

We could all do with a Wobsty

To bail us out.

And yet one who is not pretend,

Although some think he is

Did just that,

Jesus bailed us out.

When things looked bad between us and God.

Have you said thank you?

The Tram ride 25.05.10

Would you like to take a tram ride

From the seaside town of Seaton?

With the fields on one side

And the Ax estuary on the other.

One side you have sheep,

The other wading birds.

You can sit back and sleep,

Or be wide awake and attentive.

When you get to Colyton

You find a station full of flowers

And to really do them justice

Is not within my powers.

But a camera I had handy

To capture their full splendour.

So take a look in the following lens

To see those blossoms tender.

A long day 26.05.10

It's been a long day

But a happy one.

I've come to bed at last,

But the day is not done

Because I have a poem to write

Though it's well on in the night.

The day has been sunny

How refreshing and charming

The company I've had

Has been quite disarming.

No matter how long the day

There is something to say

In my obligatory poem.

And it isn't a chore,

It's something I adore.

To express myself in verse

To my wishes is not adverse

And I'll place it one line

In the morning.

Rain 27.05.10

The rain has come again

And there is that special smell of wet dust

As it lies on the tarmac

And fall the rain must,

For the crops need a drink

And the flowers too.

The rain is essential,

Without it what would we do?

It has only been a short, gentle shower

The farmers will be asking for more,

But if it really gets going

The danger is it might pour and pour.

Another wet Summer would fill us with gloom,

Our spirits would be low,

We need our sunshine

To make us thoroughly glow.

The end of the day 28.05.10

Through my kitchen window,

On the first floor facing west,

I see the light fading

Over the Blackdown hills.

It is nine thirty in late May.

All is settling and hushing

In this rural scene.

The birds still call

But not for long,

Their rest awaits them.

I too have had a busy day

And welcome the peace of the coming night.

The trees are disappearing

Against the side of the hill,

Their shapes merging with the green fields.

Young people strut their stuff

On the village street,

Their animated voices reaching up to me.

It is good that the young have energy and strength

To meet the demands of today.

The dandelion clock 29.05.10

A dandelion clock

Is a wondrous thing,

Formed in perfect symmetry

From seeds fanning out

To their fairy wings.

Wings to take them

Far from the parent plant

To spread out and

Conquer your garden.

Family 30.05.10

It's great to have a family

You can always turn to them.

They know you well

And make allowances.

You make allowances for them also

You know just how far you can push each other

And when it is time to stop

To draw back and re-group.

And you can welcome in new people

As your children find partners.

The family gets bigger

And more diverse.

You find blood is thicker than water

When you meet a distant cousin.

It must be the same genes

Recognising one another

You are like long lost friends.

British stoicism 31.05.2010

Bank holidays are mostly wet in England.

They are set in the Summer

But always seem to miss

The good weather.

Is it a plot to make us moan

Or is it this which strengthens our stoicism?

We can turn over in bed

And get some more sleep.

We can read a book,

No need to weep.

We can even dress up well

In wellies and mac

And traipse through the rain

Have hot food when we're back.

It's good to be off work

So don't shed a tear.

We won't give in

Not likely, no fear.

Please tell me what you think of my poems?

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    • octopen profile image


      6 years ago

      Good poems, you really are comitted!

    • LizMac60 profile imageAUTHOR

      Liz Mackay 

      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      @John Dyhouse: Great to know I have inspired you to have a go. Keep it up.

    • John Dyhouse profile image

      John Dyhouse 

      6 years ago from UK

      Just popped back in to say, I have been writing poems about things I would never have dreamed of for the past seven days. This idea certainly gets you writing. Trying to tell myself to write for practice has never seemed to work but doing it this way, I had no expectations of the resulting poems and yet I seem to find the results excitng me. I hope I can carry on with the new found enthusisam this site has given me. Thanks again.

    • John Dyhouse profile image

      John Dyhouse 

      6 years ago from UK

      I wish I had the time and the discipline to write every day. I know I should but something always gets in the way. Perhaps I need to make sure I set aside some time, and just get on with it. Thanks for some fascinating poems - blessed

    • ajgodinho profile image

      Anthony Godinho 

      6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Wow, quite the challenge and wonderful poetry, Liz. Blessed! :)

    • akumar46 lm profile image

      akumar46 lm 

      7 years ago

      Great poems and very nice lens.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice lens. I gave you a thumbs up, and hope that you continue to build lenses. I just made one Migraine Headaches that might interest you. Leave me a comment if you surf on by....

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 

      8 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      Love the Dandelion clock...great images!!

    • mbgphoto profile image

      Mary Beth Granger 

      8 years ago from O'Fallon, Missouri, USA

      I'm go glad I found these lenses. I will come back often. Thank you.

    • LizMac60 profile imageAUTHOR

      Liz Mackay 

      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      @Virginia Allain: Thanks for your encouragement. So far I am finding it a delight to write.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      8 years ago from Central Florida

      You amaze me with your range of topics. Keep those poems coming!

    • naturegirl7s profile image

      Yvonne L B 

      8 years ago from Covington, LA

      Great idea. I'll check back in mid May to see what you wrote on that day. :)

    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 

      8 years ago from UK

      I'm enjoying this series - a fantastic idea. May is a lovely month to celebrate in verse.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      8 years ago from Central Florida

      You are a brave poet and also a disciplined one. I'll check back now and then to see your progress.


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