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a poem for the poet

Updated on March 5, 2013

Write me a poem

You’re a poet

Sing me a song

You’re a singer

Take me away

Into your far away lands

teach me how to kiss the sun again

show me the way

then watch me fly

behind piercing clouded eyes

where blood is chocolate ice

and the darkness falls like rain

the place where pain

taste like whipping cream

inspire me...

then set me on fire

show me how to inspire others

sing me a song

you're a dreamer

show me how to sing solo

when I’m drowning in nightmares icy hole

read me back the scenes

you created for me

lift the veil from my lonely eyes

remove all naked screaming sighs

then clothe me in knighthood

and let the light guide my way

Tell me a joke

You're a joker

make me laugh for a moment

so I can forget this pain and torment

take me to the pond where the dragonflies breathe fire

into the homes of butterflies
where they brush their morning hair in the droplets of dew

guide me to the bumble bee trail

where the honey is a sticky sea, the marching ants must cross over

to protest the maker's of little boys

the maker of matches

and tiny magnifying glasses

take me to Ethiopia

and let me feel the pain of starving desert heat

where flies are like fleas

and the people are treated like dogs

let me feel the lashes

see my home

burned in ashes

Show me what I can’t see

take me inside the Chinese prison

where the innocent are tortured daily

and the death penalty

comes in a mobile van

let me see past the bullshit

take me to Paris

then take me to Rome

describe it all for me

then build me a home

let me flow in the colors of insanity

and bask under the golden sea

where the suns are all moons

and the comets

all have their own tale to tell

Paint me a picture

you're an artist

draw me something

something other than black and white

splash my eyes with basil blue and cinnamon orange

light the incense of past lover scents

we’ll watch the smoke ascend

pause for a moment

and take it all in

pencil me into your nightmares

the ones you can't believe

plug me into your reality

and let me see

all the pain you are hiding

open the window

into your deepest soul

peer though the darkness into the dungeons of your own heart

then show me what I can't see in the dark

take off your every mask

drop the weights of innuendo

let me find your true face

the one that never comes off

let me see behind your eyes

let me see what you see

Tell me my future

You've seen it

write it all down

just be sure to keep an eraser somewhere around

take all the words

and put them in your soup

twist all the vowels

then tell me what they mean

let me visit places



take me to hell

so I can feel heaven one more time

and please

tell me

what it feels like

to melt in the embrace

of my lovers arms

let me forget myself in her eyes

let me see through the deepest blue

where the rivers are wild

and your hands run free
take me just outside my dreams

and all those screams

in my head

let them just die

I would kill them myself


you know the story

sometimes the mind becomes a prison

and our bodies a kind of hell

mirrors reflecting judgment

condemning ourselves

locking ourselves away

it's too easy today

take me to the place of broken fists

broken wills

broken hearts and broken spines

take me to the place where your heart becomes mine

let me taste the salt in your tears

and feel the warmth of your love

the silver hourglass has been tipped

give me something to hold on to

give me something to miss

just one reason

to fly

over the abyss

let me ride the unicorns

and fight the dragons

one last time

for in the mind

you will find a garden

some have called Eden


you are a god


you are a goddess


you make your own angels

and sometimes

your own ghosts

and demons

Write me a poem

you're a poet

sing me a song

you're a singer

tell me that story

my favorite one of all

the one where God himself comes down

and frees me from all my sin


and fear

say a prayer for me

for it's so hard to live

when you are so afraid to die

goodbye my writer

goodbye my friend

you were a poet

and you were my best friend

my angel who took me from darkness to light

good night

dear heart

good night


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    • SiberianWolf profile image

      Eric T. Shortridge 4 years ago from MidWest

      thank you Mhatter... you make the world a better place

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 4 years ago from San Francisco

      Nice tribute to us singers. Thank you. I especially thank you for the hidden references.

    • SiberianWolf profile image

      Eric T. Shortridge 4 years ago from MidWest

      Hey nighthag... cool name :O thanks so very much... appreciate your time and words my friend... it's what I love about poetry... how you can put so much into such a small piece... for me, there's no better writing than good poetry... it's the only thing I read nowadays :) it touches the soul , the heart, and can make one think... there's nothing better... I just wish more people would spend more time reading poetry... it's the song without the music ... thank you! and Good night

    • nighthag profile image

      K.A.E Grove 4 years ago from Australia


      this was a potent powerful read, with fantastic rhythm that just flowed so beautifully, full of emotions and the ever seeking heart of the writer soul.

      loved every line!