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A Poem for Tina

Updated on February 19, 2012


With soulful eyes that see nothing but the good in so many

She works harder than most men, but never expects a penny

Empathy that surpasses any wishes for herself

Pictures of her loved ones…oh, and pigs…line her shelves

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though she sees none in herself

Those that know and love her see the magnificence that is stealth

There is nothing that she wouldn’t do to help a friend, or foe

Her feelings run deeper than any valley; her love is not a show

Advice, encouragement, sympathy, compassion are all at the ready

No one can make you feel more loved, understood, accepted, and steady

Fiercely devoted to her family, most treasured and adored

Spend a week with her and, assuredly, you will never get bored

Her kids were taught to love, honor, be trustworthy and respect

Not ever needing to be told, only on their mother they had to reflect

This wife is to her husband, as oxygen is to trees

In case you haven’t gotten the gist, this woman is the bee’s knees

Whether you are happy or sad, the news good or bad…just call

She is there to hear you, listen, cheer you, and never let you fall

So Happy Birthday, Tina, please know that you are cherished

For a better Sister, Mom, Wife and Yaya no one could ever wish.

All my love to the Greatest Big Sister Ever,



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