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a rising sun

Updated on July 9, 2011

A Rising Sun

The sun is rising upon another day

Just as it has so many times before

Yet something seems not quite the same

Have I changed so much I wonder

Or is this world changing around me

From day to day

I sit and wonder who and what I am

And yet I know

I am an eagle soaring

Through the open sky above

Up where no one can reach me uninvited

Living in the world I have created for myself

Riding the winds that only I can see and feel

I am the earth itself

Centuries old and yet forever young

I am the Sphinx of Egypt

As well as the many pyramids

Watching the world parade before my eyes

Remembering all that I have heard or seen

And feeling again all the emotions

That I have ever felt

I am an ever flowing river of emotion

Running through all of time and existance

But do not look too closely at me

And watch only from a safe distance

Do not approach or stand too close to my side

Or we may lose that isolation

That sense of being all alone

And replace it with Love

As we move into the future together as one


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